Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shalimar Ode a la Vanille postponed

The launch of the newest "flanker" on Shalimar, Ode à la Vanille (Ode to Vanilla), has been now officially postoponed, pushed back to middle of October (it was supposed to be end of September and boutiques were taking pre-orders). As luck would have it, it's a lovely blend, so you will just have to sit patiently for a few days more.
In the meantime, read the details from back when we broke the news on the upcoming launch on this article last July.

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  1. Fiordiligi10:56

    As you know, dearest E, it is available here in London at Harrods and I bought some last week! As you say, it is worth the wait. I'm a diehard Shalimar fan and I lve this new variation.

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  4. All Shalimar variations are really great and this one must be superbe.

  5. D,

    it's something to look forward to. The delay concerns the US market who will get it in the second to third week of October, per my info. (They were taking pore-orders since September)

  6. VL,

    I tend to agree with you, but wish they would bring back the former glory of the original as well.
    Hope you enjoy the new Ode a la Vanille!

  7. I was pretty impressed with this too, although I do think a more accurate name for it would have been Shalimar Eau Premiere.


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