Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guerlain Shalimar Ode a la Vanille: new fragrance

Shalimar with vanilla exalted...the upcoming fragrance by maison Guerlain is taking the beloved gustatory note into new heights, after several games with it (Spirituese Double Vanille, Cuir Beluga, Ylang & Vanille etc) in other fragrances. Lovers of the classic will take note, while new converts will find a new spin on the old. Hopefully, not too patisserie-like...

The iconic Shalimar (and Guerlain in general) has always relied on vanilla, but this time they're capitalising on two precious varietal essences which will infuse the upcoming Ode à la Vanille (Ode to Vanilla) in a new bottle designed by Jade Jagger. The new fragrance is a limited edition to be released later this year.
A unique composition of 2 types of vanilla, it includes vanilla tincture from Mayotte (teinture de vanille) and Absolute de vanille from Madagascar. Created by in house perfumer Thierry Wasser.
50ml/1.7 Fl.Oz for $110.00

As reported on Basenotes by Primrose


  1. Sounds promising! I wonder if it'll be available in normal shops.

  2. Valentine18:37

    I LOVE vanilla but never particularly enjoyed Shalimar (I know, sheer blasphemy!), so I'll be very eager to give this a try, as I always wanted Shalimar to be more wearable on me.

  3. Fiordiligi10:55

    Oh goodness! Well, I shall HAVE to try this one of course.

    Much to my suprise I love Shalimar Eau Legere and also like Eau de Shalimar, in spite of adoring the legendary original; I may well love this too!

    Thanks so much for this information, dearest E. Hope you're well.

  4. Mmmm, must tell my daughter Helg- she is a Shalimar lover.

  5. Persolaise,

    it's not an Art et Matiere or Parisiennes piece so I suppose by autumn it should hit stores. Will update as soon as this info is given me by Guerlain.

  6. Valentine,

    I do suggest you try out Shalimar Light and Eau de Shalimar. Surprisingly they are very wearable! I think most people don't really like the opoponax and leather (quinolines) in the older Shalimar which give a retro vibe.
    This one would probably cater to those who want the vanilla more.

  7. D,

    thanks honey! (and will reply in full later on)

    Yup, see above, I think both of those you mention are good choices and not blasphemy by any means. (I love Shalimar Eau Legere myself and wear it with much aplomb)

  8. M,

    I do recall, and yes you must! I would be curious to see what a dedicated lover of the original thinks about the new stuff! ;-)

  9. Anonymous03:18

    Hm. The smokiness in Shalimar can often be difficult for me, and the weather must be right (cool and rainy, with woodsmoke in the air)for me to enjoy it, even in vintage pdt.

    I love Shalimar Light, though, which reminds me quite a bit of the old Emeraude (which I love even more). I'd like to try this!

  10. oooh! this sounds good. thanks for the breaking news ;-/

  11. C,

    the vintage PdT is excellent!! A most wonderful concentration, I believe. The old parfum is also superb, drop by drop more beauty than all the current Sephora aisles gathered. ;-)

    I love, love, love Shalimar Light and find it more wearable as well, the lemon cupcake topnote instead of reading as juvenile and crass manages to bring out the bergamot-vanilla impression of the vintage well. But the lack of leathery facets makes it less "bronzey", more light golden and thus more wearable any season.

    Bet lots of people would want to try this one. I predict a lighter vanilla than the boozy SDV.

  12. Abigail,

    always a pleasure! :-D

  13. Is it okay to say I'm a little bit scared of this? Everybody else seems to be so excited - I feel a bit weird...

    the thing I love about Shalimar is the smokiness - this new extra-vanille gives me pause (SDV was way too sweet for me)...but it'll be interesting to at least give it a try.

  14. has potential... also the Jade and her Mum are Guerlain fans so I feel confident she will respect the heritage


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