Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Angel Men Pure Malt: it's back!

Angel Men/A*Men Pure Malt, originally a limited edition which created something of a cult following, has been brought back on popular demand . The masculine cologne is to be found on the official site for $70 for a 3.4 oz bottle. For now that seems the only means of purchasing, set to expire with the advent of 2011.
Good news for fans at any rate!

ETA: The next limited edition for men by Mugler will be A*Men Pure Havane according to Basenotes.


  1. Yaaaay! I thought I'd missed the last train for Pure Malt. Thanks so much for this wonderful piece of news, E! mwah

  2. Frances08:53

    Ms Perfume Shrine,

    A little off-topic (ok, very off-topic), but I just wanted to write and thank you for your blog!

    I always thought I hated perfume til I stumbled on this blog and thought 'Well, if she loves it so much, I'll give it a try'. The next time I was out, I had a sniff of Amouage Lyric Woman.

    My head? Was blown.

    Since then I've been building up a tiny little fragrance wardrobe that consists of AG Ce Soir ou Jamais, Dior J'adore L'Absolu, Guerlain Mitsouko, L'Artisan L'eau d'Ambre and Lyric. It's just been SO much fun trying new things. I've been going slow so as to save up for a trip down to London to Ormonde Jayne. Can't wait!

    So, thanks a lot for introducing such a lovely thing to me!

    PS I notice sometimes commenters call you Helg and sometimes Elena. How should I address you?

  3. Hi Frances and cool to hear that you discovered perfumes. It's indeed fun. I've gone through the same process, from Meh, two colognes are enough, to my ever growing collection of who knows what. Now I'm looking for someone to sell for organs (my arrogant cousin is the candidate) so that I can get more.

    Helg, I've said it a few times that we must be twins or something because I got Pure Malt just two weeks ago and danced a happy dance because it was becoming harder and harder to find. I also snatched some Pure Coffee which I didn't buy when it was normally available because it didn't smell of coffee. That won't be most likely brought back by popular demand, most responses I heard were along the lines of wtf.

  4. Frances10:31

    Liisa, that is SO bizarre, I was just threatening to sell my sister on the black market for Jubilation 25.

    I may still do it.

    Perfume is just so lovely and so much fun.

  5. Frances, I've had the possibility to sample the Amouage stuff - it was before Jubilation, though - and I'm happy that nothing appealed too much to me. I'm an addict to the Florentine perfume makers, though, and if I had enough kidneys to sell, I'd totally get the whole range of Santa Maria Novella and Farmacia Santissima Annunziata, to start with.

  6. D,

    how nice to see you here! And so glad you enjoy this piece of news! (ain't it great when something you thought you missed the boat on is brought back again)

  7. Frances,

    first of all sorry for the delay in responding. And profuse thanks for such a sweet comment, much appreciated and wow, I'm blushing!

    Isn't perfume such a magical thing? It can transport you, affect your mood and your outlook on certain things; and dvelving into its artistry and its craftmanship lets you get to know things anew and see things with fresh eyes.
    Plus perfume makes you seem beautiful in the dark...what a wonderful concept! :-)

    I can see that you started yourself at the very top: many Amouages are wonderful and Lyric is certainly lovely! All the others on your list don't sound bad either, many elegant and favourite choices there. Good job!

    Since you seem to love your roses, may I gently nudge you towards the direcrion of Ta'if in the Ormonde Jayne line? It's spectacular. (I love her Tolu and her Ormonde Woman myself, they're unique). Hope to have you visit often and drop us a comment on how things stoke you (favourably or unfavourably, it's all interesting)

    PS. "You can call me anything you like, but my name is Veronica". Ooops, got carried away by a little Elvis Costello there! :D Seriously: Elena is the name, Helg the sobriquet ;-)

  8. L,

    hello darling! How are you? So nice to "see" you (I have been such a bad correspondent lately)

    Yup, we do share many common tastes ("souring" white florals excluded, LOL). I think you scored excellently. I like both Mugler frags and wondered why they didn't keep them in continuum; they were well-made and affirming his "a breed apart" little niche within the mainstream. I still haven't reviewed the Sira and I SHOULD! (lovely banana note in there where you least expect it)

  9. F,

    Jubilation 25......droooooool!!!

    I hope sister is not reading us here. Or is she naughty and she should? ;-)

  10. L,

    I think you'd like some of the masculine/unisex stuff (Opus I and II, Jubilation XXV). Tried those?
    The SMN and the FA are very individual stuff too (love the Iris from the SMN, a very unusual rendition, as well as Calycanthus; and weren't it you who introduced me to Te Nera?)

  11. Frances03:26

    Ms. Elena,

    No need to blush, it's totally deserved. I will freely admit to cackling at perfumistas in my younger days (ok, six months ago), thinking they were just talking nonsense and rubbish. Now that I read perfume blogs with all the zeal of the newly converted!

    I hadn't any idea of Amouage's prices. I was just strolling by their counter (which didn't smell of ANYTHING, bizarrely) when a nice lady approached me and asked if I would like a spritz. I thought, what the hell, and let her. Saul on the road to Damascus, you understand :-)And Lyric is such a nice fit for me: Indian but mostly "Westernised". Lyric is the right balance of East and West for me.

    I also made my first perfume mistake that day. On a high from my Lyric, I stupidly tested L'eau d'Ambre on the other wrist. I think Lyric overpowered L'eau d'Ambre and made it something it wasn't. And I bought it. Aaaaghh. Nothing wrong with it, just a bit sweet and bland. I only wear it at home now. Sigh.

    About Ormode Jayne, Ta'if and Tolu are the two I'm going to check out, but I'm trying not to get too mentally attached in case they don't suit me. I'll admit I'm particularly desperate to love Tolu, it seems the kind of warm, comforting scent I'm looking for, but I don't want to build it up in my mind too much. God, I'm behaving like they're actual people. This way madness lies.

    P.S. Now, now, Liisa. Don't be precious about your kidneys, you really only need the one *nods seriously*


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