Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kim Kardashian Launches Second Celebrity Scent!

Kim Kardashian, the reality-TV persona and perpetrator of a celebrity to her name already, Kim Kardashian (which we discussed on this space) is issuing a second one in February 2011, since sales for the first one went so well. According to blurb on her own blog: "I am so excited to tell you guys that my second fragrance will launch in February of 2011!!!!! I wanted to let you guys know here first so you can all share the excitement with me :) I’m at the commercial shoot now and cannot wait to get all glammed up! Look at these amazing dresses I get to choose from!
I’ll keep you guys updated on all my fragrance news here on my blog!"

The devotion to celebritoids is blind as attested by one reader commenting [sic]: "Im so glad bc honestly your current fragrance didnt work for me, I really wanted to like it, I bought to support u bc I love u and am a big big big fan, but the scent was to “flowery” for me. Hope your new one is different, so i can wear. But regardless I will purchase it!" And in case anyone thought guys would be left hankering, here is a nudge from one of the XY chromosome type readers: "So cool, you need to do a men’s fragrance next!"

The photo is from Kim's photo shoot for the second, upcoming Karashian fragrance.


  1. Anonymous12:25

    Oh, with the Kardashians and Mama/Business Manager Kris Kardashian-Jenner at the's about moneymoneymoneymoney!

    The family already has two reality series going on (that are highly scripted - anything but natural). And there's Kim (and youngest sis Khloe) hocking diet aids on commercials and on QVC, as well as Kim's bun-builder excercise videos.

    When Kim's fragrance hit Sephora and then QVC it seemed to be a love it or hate it juice because of the strong, warm flowery tuberose/gardenia notes that to some read 'old school'. I kept reading reviews about it being a "1980s" "grandma" fragrance. Younger people today don't seem to have a familiarity with tuberose or gardenia.

    Kim stated on QVC that she had wanted to create a scent that smelled just like her Mom (Kris) who she said wore Tuberose oil (no brand name given naturally). So, it's not a surprise how the 1st fragrance came out.

    I'd bet her next scent will have a much more young ,teenybopper vibe... to be the yin to the yang (or vice versa) of her KK signature. ;-)

  2. Based on this photo, I'm guessing there will be a strong melon note. (I'm sorry -- it was just too easy.)

    PS... Ms. Kardashian, that is not a dress. That is a swimsuit.

  3. Anonymous14:55

    I'm no huge fan of Kim Kardashian's "work" (whatever that may be...... I'm stumped for it is) but I must say it's nice to see a woman of her shape clogging up our tabloids and showbiz pages. What with her, Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Brook pouring themselves into "dresses" for their perfume launches I don't think we have to worry about curves being pushed out of fashion by lithe limbed teenagers. I thought her first fragrance suited her image (big voluptous floral!) and despite the grandma fragrance complaints, it goes to show that it's not just fruity florals that sell en masse. Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors managed to sell galloons of white floral juice on the backs of their marketing.

  4. ARGHHHHHH! (that's the only thing I could think of to say.....I'm still not sure why Ms. Kardashian is even a celebrity!)

  5. B,

    I have absolutely no doubt it's as you say. Money seems to be at the bottom of everything these days. And making reality TV looks as the vindication of gold-digging ~as good as any form of it.

    Somehow I think a tuberose/gardenia juice fit the voluptuous physique and image of Kim; it was certainly an unusual choice and one which had some congruity with her "feel" (I bet she likes the style too and thanks for providing such solid info on where she was inspired from, I had no idea!).

    From the comments I read from her fans, I guess the 2nd one will be different, more contemporary. I think it would be a patchouli-rich "woody floral musk" or "new chypre" personally. ;-)

  6. SS,

    you're naughty, girl! LOL!!! Yup, some big impressive bazookas there.
    And yes, it does look like a swimsuit, I wonder what's up with that: Maybe a dress that deconstructs to show an inner swimsuit? I guess we will all find out sooner or later (not that we were impatient or anything...)

  7. Konglish,

    excellent observations, thanks for chiming in, you're definitely on to something!

    Those girls do prove that you can be curvaceous and still score high at the stakes of "perceived contemporary beauty". I am wording it like that because it doesn't matter what you or I think in private for trends and ideals to form, but what is in the public radar and the media (alas...). So it's good to see women of all possible shapes, styles, races etc. if only to showcase that beauty comes in all forms.

    I was impressed by Crystal Renn too, seeing some photos recently.

    Interesting mention of sales of white florals you make there: I also think that tuberose/gardenia scents are pretty popular with young ladies and I would bring Kai and Marc Jacobs as examples of sellability (does Michael Kors do well with the very young crowd too??). There is definitely smart marketing employed into a successful campaign, you can sell anything to almost anyone if you promote it right. I just believe fruity florals are easy to copy and make, but that's a theory that needs a seperate article in which I employ a LOT of pent-up sarcasm ;-)

  8. M,

    in this day and age, one can be "famous for being famous", I guess!!
    (and there are those whom we love to hate, those whom we want to see publicly humiliated a la Lohan etc. etc. I come to think we're all part of several niche demographics which PR staff is carefully monitoring when "selling" a celebrity to the masses. Or I'm just cynical...)

  9. just back from holiday/ wedding thing (not mine!) so catching up- the Kadashian's- they are all over the TV in the states and I spent the whole time with no idea who they are or how they got to have so many programmes.

  10. *headdesk*
    These days I've been wearing whatever comes to my hand by Andy Tauer, I have some samples and I feel like buying the whole range (after I sell someone's kidney, though).
    Who is that woman, anyway, and what is it good for? I'm untouched by these abysses of pop culture. And, no, I don't think I need an answer.


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