Thursday, July 8, 2010

Montale Mango Manga: new fragrance

Pierre Montale, the French brand which brings Oriental gardens closer to the Western lifestyle, is going to present his new fragrance launch Mango Manga at the Pitti Fragranze 2010 exhibition in September.

Created as an exclusive for the Japanese market in 2005, Mango Manga plays on the exotic allure of mango fruit and the very Japanese reference of Manga illustrations. Now it's hoping to catch the interest of Western perfumephiliacs as well. The fragrance is refreshed through the sweet note of mango, allied to neroli, orange, jasmine Sambac, and ylang ylang while the base rests atop the familiar oud note of the Montale line, alongside vetive, cedar and musk.

Available in Eau de Parfum 100ml.

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