Tuesday, June 15, 2010

By Kilian Love & Tears (Amour & Larmes): new fragrance

The 9th installment in the By Kilian line L'Oeuvre Noir is announced: Love and Tears (Amour et Larmes).

The fragrance is centered around jasmine, with facets of iris, hesperides, white flowers and animalic notes garlanded around it. With such a composition, what other subtitle would you expect but Succumb? (In the manner of all the little commands of L'Oeuvre Noir scents in the By Kilian line).
Love and Tears by Kilian will be officially launching in September 2010 and will cost from 45 up to 165 euros, depending on packaging and size. (Yes, that means there will be travel refil options for you)

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Info was brought to us as a heads-up first from the sweetest person imaginable.


  1. dissappointing - they always sell you three little bottles (same volume as one big).

  2. Scentomatic,

    thanks for commenting. I believe there is an option to choose and match among them? (so you can get more scents in the same volume? I am not 100% sure on this, but I recall seeing them on Luckyscent.

  3. that's another disappointment. No mix and mach at official Kilian counters. Why... Same with Frederic Malle. 3 bottles of the same fragraince or a big one.

  4. Ah, you got me there. I wasn't sure, like I said.
    Yup, I know about Malle. But the travel sprays are very nifty and they come at a more affordable price (although comparatively ml for ml, it would make more sense to go for the big bottle)


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