Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fan di Fendi: new fragrance

Three years after Palazzo and one after the announcement of discontinuing their whole line, Fendi is issuing a new feminine fragrance as a turnaround move in the market of fragrance, Fan di Fendi. Hopefully, the brand believes it will do better commercially than the previous efforts. (On that note, it's ironic that everyone's discontinued fragrance is Fendi's very own Theorema and yet it remains discontinued). But the new fragrance presents several interesting subplots which is why I chose to highlight its launch.

The juice in Fan di Fendi has been developed by Delphine Lebeau-Krowiakj, working with Parfums Luxe International, while the new flacon bearing the familiar entwined F of Fendi was designed by Fabien Baron. Probably the F in Fan corresponds in the logo which had fashionistas everywhere amok with the handbags, earning them their own moment of history in Sex & the City. Talk about emblazoning one's brand name into consciousness. But I digress.

The most interesting part is that the artistic direction of the new feminine Fendi fragrance was monitored by Francois Demachy, head of fragrance development at LVMH and especially Dior (see the Escale cruise collection). The new group structure is going to be called LVMH Fragrance Brands and this is going to occupy the luxury media for a while, I bet! It points to very specific directions within the LVMH Group and a desire for an umbrella supervision which would be a bit troublesome for some brands within the group with more of a characteristic fingerprint (Guerlain, Dior...)

Fan di Fendi is aimed at women who are "free, sensual, joyful and electrifying" (Sounds like they would give you a nasty jolt, but fear not) . The TV commercials are going to be appearing next September, with a "hot and rock n'roll" image that is scheduled to shock.Starring Anja Rubik, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Karmen Pedaru will be art directed by Fabien Baron and photographed by Darius Khondji, while the Kills will play in the background. It remains to be seen...

Notes for Fan di Fendi:
Pear, blackcurrant, Calabrian mandarin, pink pepper from Reunion, rose from Damascus, yellow jasmine, soft leather accents and Indonesian patchouli.
(Via Parfumerie Hyves Nl, thanks to Jakub)

Available in 30ml for 52 euros and 75ml for 90 euros, from September 2010 at major department stores.


  1. Anonymous22:28

    Why bother when they have Theorema to reintroduce - a better bottle and packaging and they should have a huge commercial success? No wonder the luxury industry is in trouble!

  2. Also interesting that we know what the bottle will look like, which faces will promote it, and not a single tiny clue as to what it will smell like!

    Some of us sure do love the original Fendi, the price of which is skyrocketing on eBay. It's no fruity floral by any stretch, but I think it's a lovely classic.

  3. Anonymous03:54

    the three women remind me of the prada l'eau ambree ads and packaging. first thing i thought of when i saw them.

    and, how much you want to bet this is another boring juice? my hopes are not high.


  4. That's indeed interesting news. And I agree, they should resuscitate the old stuff, too.

  5. Jakub20:44

    Notes of Fan di Fendi:
    Pear, blackcurrant, Calabrian mandarin, pink pepper from Reunion, rose from Damascus, yellow jasmine, soft leather accents and Indonesian patchouli.

    Best regards!

  6. Thanks Jakub!

    I have supplemented the post to include them alongside the link and your name. Much appreciated!

  7. Anonymous13:01

    I have been buying the original Fendi for over 20 years and love it but cant find it anymore.
    How does it compare?

  8. Anon,

    oh, they're nothing alike. This one is a decidedly modern composition, intent on the pink peppercorns (a rosy freshness) and cleaned up patchouli. The old I recall as a baroque oriental, dense like a fur cape in Siberia.

  9. Anonymous19:23

    I too have been using the original Fendi perfume for the past 20 years and im heartbroken it was discontinued. Ive looked everywhere around the world for it. Does anyone know anything about this or what can be done to bring it back !?
    please feel free to email me on

  10. Anonymous14:34

    Add me to the list of original Fendi fragrance fans. ( haha fan de fend)


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