Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monolithe Travel Sprays for By Kilian fragrances: at long last!

If you have been one of those people who have been enamored with some or all of the By Kilian fragrances (such as the wonderful rosy jamminess of Liaisons Dangereuses or the less intriguing Cruel Intentions, reviewed on these pages), but annoyed by the concept of the super-luxe box under lock & key and the inability to buy the available refills without first investing in the whole kaboodle of the expensive presentation, you will be thrilled.

Perfume Shrine is bringing you the welcome news that Cognac heir Kilian Hennessy's By Kilian brand will be introducing a travel purse spray, called Monolithe, in spring '09, designed with the familiar Achilles' Shield design which is the signature of L'Oeuvre Noire (ie.the first lineup of By Kilian fragrances in black packaging and noir-ish intent). The design is, well, monolithic, I guess, in its columnal glory with some textural interest.
Refillable, Monolithe travel spray will be available for filling with 4 refills of 7.5ml/0.4oz each in Prelude to Love, Love, Beyond Love or Liaisons Dangereuses . Availability and price: 95 Euros, starting March wherever By Kilian scents are sold (like Aedes for example).
Considering that the usual standard price of the By Kilian line is US$225 for a 50ml/1.7oz bottle and $115 for a 50ml/1.7oz refill or ~if you want to have a constant source~ $2,500 for the small "barells" of perfume), it sounds like a more approachable solution for many perfume lovers, even if ml per ml it is not so economical. Rejoice!

News & pic via Magali Bertin vogue.fr


  1. This is good news, I hope more companies will sell travel sprays, though €95 is not cheap at all.

  2. aren't those gorgeous! Not that it's terribly relevant but I love the name Killian

  3. Well, By Killian now gets some of my respect, because it sounds like somebody has actually been listening to economic woes and the fact that most perfume lovers would prefer a smaller size.

  4. L,

    yes, 95 euros is not cheap, especially for the quantity offered! But it's a good step in a direction that many would like to see ie.smaller bottles, so one can make the plunge.

    Joining you in hoping others follow too :-)

  5. K,

    the packaging on the Killian frags is really very luxe. I think I prefer this less ostentatious presentation though (looks chic, doesn't it).

    Killian is a good name, not sure what's the difference with Cillian though. I think the former is Anglicized while the latter is Irish? But not 100% certain on that. (anyone who knows, please fill me in)

  6. J,

    thanks honey for saying it. Yup, my thoughts exactly! This is a direct reply to perfume lovers' demand for a smaller, more economical bottle, which is something I have been hearing asked for some time regarding this line.

  7. Anonymous14:36

    ..excuse me..but the name of the label is written with just one L! By Kilian!!

  8. Anonymous14:39

    and by the way...95 Euro for 125ml (incl. the refills) is really cheap! It's 75cent per ml!

  9. Anon,

    thanks for the corrections. If you see in the body of the article it's once mentioned with one L and another with two, so it's evident it's an involuntary confusion. I have been sidetracked by the Cillian name...Killian, Kilian, Cillian...easy to confuse for someone whose native tongue's alphabet is not the Latin one. ;-)
    I will of course correct it.

    As to the price, yes, that's what I said, it's affordable. The smaller vials however usually are disadvantageous per ml compared to the bigger ones.

  10. Anonymous14:05

    ..but now I have to correct myself...it's not how I assumed 120ml; it is 30ml in total...shared to the four refills..so every refill has 7,5ml!! I am sorry!!

  11. De rien! :-)

    I assumed you did a rather generous math there, but anyway, no big deal. Those mini sprays are still an approachable deal for those who like the Kilian frags and that's what matters.
    Hope to see you again on these pages! :-)


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