Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Giant Ormonde Jayne bottle of Ta'if

“Having admired for years & years the huge bottles of perfume that Chanel & Dior have used in their adverts,
I felt the time was right for Ormonde Jayne to have one of our own & celebrate Ta’if.”
This is how Linda Pilkington explains the giant bottle of Ta'if which was designed and photographed at Harrods to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the scent. Feast your eyes on it!

Ta'if the fragrance is made with the pink ta’if roses that are grown on a dusty hilltop in the Arabian mountains & picked at dawn. This "sophisticated gourmand" Ormonde Jayne scent includes pink pepper, dates, saffron, freesia, broom & amber.


  1. That IS gigantic! wow.

  2. Anonymous01:57

    Do you know where this photo was taken? It looks dangerously like the Harrods Perfume Hall and if so, that is sad.

  3. LBV,

    absolutely homongous!
    It does remind me of those giant vats of Chanel extrait circulating last season.

  4. Anon,

    it was actually taken in Harrod's, good eye, it's mentioned in the article too.

    Why would it be sad though? I had reported a while ago that OJ has been represented at Harrod's (along a couple of other niche lines), so I suppose it would come to that. From what I know, Harrods was looking for a couple of niche brands to give their hall a more "haute" air.

  5. That is beautiful. But I'm also a little disappointed that they're selling outside their own boutique. I snobbishly love the exclusivity of the OJs, and I love that Linda has held onto that exclusivity and resisted the urge to try to take over the world (unlike some other "niche" brands we could all name).

  6. Anonymous15:55

    I didn't read that part of the article about it being in Harrods before posting.

    I think it is sad if Harrods starts carrying OJ because it will lose its special appeal if it gets out to masses. I don't want to smell Sampaquita on the Tube! But, from a marketing/$ perspective, it will likely be very good for Linda.

  7. actually ..i got this Ta'if at harrods on ...13th june? as i couldnt find her own shop cos of no time to look for... as ive been looking forward to getting her perfume, i was glad to her stuff there !

  8. Anon,

    you got a point there. Still I don't think the masses possess the criterion or knowledge to pick out an exquisite fragrance and are more swayed by marketing/advertising and big names. Still, if she got there, there must be a reason, I guess the ease of making the wares available to tourists who can't find the shop?
    And if only the Tube in London smelled as good as Sampaquita!! That would be almost worth it to have OJ popularised....(don't get me started on the Parisian metro)

  9. Sae,

    thanks for chiming in. I suppose that's the thinking behind it, as I said above.

  10. SS,

    I think we're relatively safe from Linda wanting to take over the world. She's not that type of person and she likes her brand very much to want to cheapen it like that.


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