Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rose Oud by Kilian: new fragrance

In the sub-line 'Arabian Nights', the luxurious niche brand By Kilian (of whom we had occupied ourselves with the arousingly rosy Liaisons Dangereuses and the unusual oud-tinged Cruel Intentions in the past) is launching another instalment, Rose Oud, right after Pure Oud.
Composed by Calice Becker, almost resident nose at By Kilian, it promises some of the luminous treatment which she reserves for most of her creations (J'adore, Liaisons Dangeureuses, Secret Obsession, Beyond Paradise, Cuir by Lancome, Tommy Girl etc) but also "mystery, depth and opulence". The composition will predictably focus on the magical wood and the essence of rose, a combination as classic as the many centuries in which Arabian fragrance use is counting.

The line is set to include another three fragrances centered on Oud, following the first two: an embarassment of riches for the many fans of this complex note. The packaging for Rose Oud is decadently luxuriant in its shiny gold tones...

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  1. Anonymous16:22

    I am curious to see if Rose Oud is comparable to Liasons Dangeureuses at all (which I love). The packaging in the pic does look beautiful. Thanks.


  2. I do like Pure Oud quite a bit and I really was not expecting to. Not sure why. Maybe because oud has become the flavor of the year?

    Rose and oud are such a wonderful combination that it is hard to go wrong. Looking forward to this one!

  3. Sounds interesting Helg.

    I guess Luckyscent sell this range?

  4. Mysticknot01:27

    Very interesting Helg. I own Beyond Love which is just fabulous. I am not so good with Oud though especially Montale Oud.

  5. That's a pretty hot lookin' bottle =p

  6. looking forward to this

  7. it does sound like a classic.

    Montale has a harshness to their ouds I thought.
    And yes, it's carried by Luckyscent (this one will be, rather)

    Love the hot dripping gold look myself :)


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