Sunday, January 17, 2010

Six Scents the Spa

It is between jardin des Tuileries and place Vendôme, on the rue Castiglione (Ier arr.), in Paris, that Six Scents, the niche brand of perfumes, is opening their first day spa. The move is ingrained to SLOW LIFE™ ~Sustainable - Local - Organic - Wholesome - Learning - Inspiring - Fun - Experiences~ a concept by Sonu et Eva Shivdasani, and has been introduced at the Maldives in 1995. The idea takes on the guise of an urban sanctuary for Paris with architecture Pierre David that takes into consideration the values which Six Scents stands for. Giant cocoons made of pliable wood resembling bamboo shots will host detoxifying and aromatic services meant to make the visitor unwind.

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