Thursday, September 10, 2009

Upcoming niche releases: unveiled at Florence Fragranze No.7

The Florence exhibition Fragranza No.7 (more info clicking the link) will be the place of unveiling of several new niche fragrances from renowned brands, whetting our appetite from the months to come when they will launch officially for our delectation. In the meantime we're bringing you a roundup of those super-new releases so you can take notes for later on.

First L.T.Piver, an historic house and one of the oldest ones, is renovating their packaging for the entire line and issuing Cedre, Cuir, Epices, Vetiver, 4 masculine fragrances centered on cedar, leather, spices and vetiver respectively.

Memo is much more modern, but they're also taking the chance to introduce Moon Safari, a fragrance composed by Clara Molloy (on the right) and encompassing notes of mandarin, verbena, leather, vetiver and tonka beans. The fragrance will be encased in the familiar rectangular bottles with dots and the juice is a golden yellow.

Humiecki & Graef, another concept-line, after Skarb which rippled the pond with their advertorial, is issuing a new fragrance called Clemency (still under wraps, news on that to be added when available).

A new niche house of Italian origin is making their grand debut in Florence: Laboratorio Olfattivo is launching 4 new Eaux de Parfum named Alkemi, Cozumel, Daimiris, and Alambar created by perfumers Marie Duchene, Pierre Guillaume (of Parfumerie Generale fame) and Enrico Buccella. The latter has been also busy producing two fragrances for niche Italian brand Sigilli: Asprosa (citrusy rose) and Ferfaen (aromatic tobacco with mint and verbena) .

All in all an impressive forthcoming of new smells for us in the coming months!

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