Thursday, September 10, 2009

Profumi di Pantelleria Approdo: new fragrance

Profumi di Pantelleria, a niche Italian line named after the small island in the straight of Sicily and a place of exile in Roman times, had first caught my attention with Jailia; a fragrance that managed to make a concept that I thought was 'tired' (Angel), very simpatico to my sensibilities and inject it with a playful vibe which was trully charming.
Their newest upcoming release, Approdo (the word signifies landfall) presents the mergence of sea and land producing a fragrance of vigor and optimism that is aimed at both sexes. The fragrance is promising to give a smell of saltiness, the characteristic tone of the sea breeze with a "mineral, almost metallic hint". The rest of the composition is poised on woods, aromatic herbs, spices and local flowers.

The notes for Profumi di Panteleria Approdo are:
Top Note
Tangerine, Basil, Violet Green, Note of Mineral
Middle Note
Magnolia, White Pepper, Black Pepper
Base Note
Maté (tea), Patchouli, Cedar Wood, Vetiver

The story which accompanies the newest launch is quite lyrical: "In the distance, a white triangle emerges from the surface of the sea. It seems to rise and approach, until you glimpse the hull of a sailing yacht siding across the water with elegant, harmonious movements.A little later, it draws close to the quay; once the mooring operations have been completed, a group of smiling people disembarks: the pleasure they feel about having shared an enjoyable, personally enriching experience is immediately palpable. Approdo tells the wonderful emotions that are the gift of a direct relationship with the sea. The pleasure of setting foot back on the land blends with the sweet regret at leaving behind the lived experience".
It only remains to be seen what it translates to on the skin...
The Profumi di Pantelleria fragrances retail at around 80 euros a pop.

info via press release

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