Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Il Profumo del Futuro: Pitti Immagine Fragrance Exhibition Florence

The 7th chapter of the Fragranze exhibition by Pitti Imagine, dedicated to the appreciation of artistic perfumery and niche brands will be held during Friday 11th to Sunday 13th September at Florence, Italy. The exhibition is focused on professionals, but is also open to the public on Saturday 12th (price admission 10 euros).

Participating perfumers and brands:
Céline Ellena, Pierre Guillaume, Mona di Orio, Clara Molloy, Honoré des Pres, Sigilli, Nasomatto, Les Parfums de Rosine, Biehl, Lorenzo Villoresi, Vero Kern, Etat Libre d’Orange, Esteban, Penhaligon’s, Byredo, Senke, Andy Tauer, Montale, Mark Buxton, Arturetto Landi, James Heeley, Eugenio Alphandery, Laboratorio Olfattivo, Creed, Miller Harris, Enrico Buccella, Felice Limosani, Annick Goutal, Christian David, Eau d’Italie, Pure Distance, By Terry, Jane Iredale, Laura Tonatto, Sebastian Alvarez Murena, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Bond n9, Maurizio Cerizza, Amouage, Etienne de Swardt, Lisa Simon, Marie Helene Rogeon (Rosine), Olivier Durbano.

Brands and perfumes featured:
Daimiris, Cozumel, Epic, Chaman’s Party, Bois Velours, Acqua Fiorentina, N.20, Blanche, Bois Plume, Alkemi, Oriental Lounge, Havana Vanille, Asprosa, Nuda, Ea, Alambar, Nu Green, Honoré’s Trip, Chaman’s Party, 3 Fleurs, Lime Tonic, Gardenia, Approdo, Futur, Midnight Oud, Chamarré, Cote d’Amour, Rum Tonic, La Rose Legere, Aouda, Night Scented Stock, Mare Nostrum, Nomaoud, Fat Electrician, Jabu, Versilia Vintage, Wazamba, Synthesized Lotus Roots.

Place and Time:
11-12-13 September 2009 from 10am to 6pm
Stazione Leopolda,
Via Fratelli Rosselli, Firenze/Florence

Forum event: Il Profumo del Futuro (fragrance of the future)
on 11th and 12th September 2009
Spazio Alcatraz – Stazione Leopolda
4 talk shows about new natural raw materials, global and regional odours, historical transformations of the olfactive sphere, and sensorial fusion (marrying perfume and wines)

You can download the programme on this link: press Calendario. You can also search for hotel reservations through the Pitti Imagine site (on previous link)


  1. Good to know, I'll be back in Florence by then.

  2. You must definitely attend and let me know how it went. I will be off to another land by that time and won't be able to. *selfish motivation behind my nudging*

  3. I wish I could attend to the talk shows 'Forum Event' it look like there should be very interesting discussions between the actors of the 'perfume scene'.

  4. Oh yeah, V! Judging from the previous exhibition it should shape up to be quite intriguing. Maybe next time?

  5. Helg, it's in my diary - it's open to general public only on Saturday but I suspect I'll be there all day long. I'll try to overcome my general problem of photographing people (social phobia and a general lack of ability combined) and I'll kick my ass to give an exhaustive report in reasonable time.


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