Friday, July 31, 2009

Daphne by Daphne Guinness: new celebrity scent

Daphne Guinness, an extraordinary clothes-horse always immaculately decked in high heels and designer attire is launching her eponymous scent, called Daphne. Another celebrity scent you might say, and after news of the new Amy Winehouse project we revealed a few days ago, one can expect anything, yet this one presents something unusual (and might I say without jinxing it, optimistic):

"She has created a perfume in collaboration with Comme des Garcons, called Daphne, which is launching in store next month. She has been perfecting her own scent for years, and obviously quite successfully too as she claims that taxi drivers regularly ask her what she's wearing. So why has she always been so interested in perfume? ‘It's very difficult to describe in words. It's a mystery....Sometimes when you fall in love with people, you actually fall in love with their smell.' Daphne says that she likes a ‘woodsy and kind of jasmine-y, tuberose-y, sort of thing'. (quote via

I recall how Carolina Herrera, the famous designer, was saying how her personal mix of jasmine and tuberose essences had the New York City taxi drivers enslaved, prompting her to commission her first Herrera feminine fragrance (the one in the white box with gold dots), so I have some hope for the new Daphne, coupled with Guinness's own dramatic and arresting style. At any rate, we will see how it plays out in about a month's time.

Pic of Daphne Guinnes via single & fabulous blog and of bottle via


  1. Any clue what "store" this will be released in?

  2. They didn't say yet, but I bet something a bit "fashion-conscious" judging by Daphne's look. Perhaps Saks or something? I will certainly update when there is the available info sent to me.

  3. Is ‘woodsy and kind of jasmine-y, tuberose-y, sort of thing' the only description so far??? Sheeesh!!! The vagueness worries me......

    I really liked Stephen Jones, but I have a big crush on all things violet - so they could almost do no wrong!

    Are there other "celebrity scents" from CdG? Does Monocle count as a celebrity scent???

  4. Aw, the original Carolina Herrera. Have a soft spot for that one.

    Am tossing the Daphne Guiness into the radar field, ready to collect more data...currently labelled with "potential."

  5. I'm always curious about anything remotely connected to Comme des Garçons. I didn't love Stephen Jones, though I love violet scents, but I can see why it has fans.

    When I think "woody tuberose-y", I think of Cèdre, which I love, so anything similar sounds tempting.

  6. M,

    it is vague, it's true. Let's hope though!
    I am not sure about Monocle, would it?

  7. S,

    it does sound rather promising, although there are so many factors coming into the equation. At least I hope it's something non juvenile, non inspid. *crossing fingers*

  8. Joe,

    good thinking! Cedre is certainly a woody tuberose. I am wary of ascribing this as an inspiration though, it would be big shoes to fill. Still, the CDG collaboration has potential. I wonder which perfumer has undertaken this project.

  9. Well, at least we know what cab drivers like to smell...if you're looking to land a cabbie tuberose and jasmine is for you!

  10. K,

    LOL!!! Very aptly said! I wonder if this is a good or bad thing ;-)
    (it all depends on said cabbie, eh?)


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