Thursday, July 30, 2009

Basenotes Goes in Print

Award-winning online fragrance resource is celebrating its 10th birthday by launching a print version of its fragrance consumer website. The magazine will contain the news, reviews and interviews that have helped become the long-standing website of choice amongst consumers and industry professionals alike and will also feature completely new and original content.
London, England July 30, 2009 -- has been the destination for fragrance enthusiasts and industry professionals for ten years. Now all of the news, consumer reviews, award-winning editorial and interviews with top industry names will be available in a print magazine. There will also be completely original regular features that will be exclusive to the magazine.
Basenotes International Fragrance Quarterly The magazine will published on a quarterly basis at a cover price of $6 an issue and will be available via online subscriptions from
Site founder Grant Osborne says: "For a long time now people have been asking why there is not a magazine for fragrance lovers. You can find many magazines for such a wide variety of hobbies these days yet still nothing for the fragrance enthusiast. We have 20,000 visitors every day so we know that there is interest and we thought we could use the experience and relationships that we have cultivated over the past decade to bring a lively and dedicated magazine to the consumers and industry people that have been such loyal users of the site."
For the time being you can download a sampler using this link.
Pic & info via press release


  1. I was surprised to have sampled most of the "new releases" featured in that magazine. So far nothing in there seems to be quite newsworthy?

  2. Hmm,

    perhaps since they're UK_based several of the US launches haven't reached Europe yet? (and vice versa) I believe this is only a pilot issue and not the official first issue, as the Katie interview has already been featured on the BN site etc etc and there are announcements which I think I saw before.

    It's interesting to note that it's cheaper than the defunct LT subscription newsletter and it will involve lots of people working for it and different spins than just news and reviews, so I am being hopeful. Naturally we will see soon enough ;-)

  3. I would have subscribed if it was $24 for a subscription but tacking on the addition $20 in shipping charges makes it $44 a year, so I think I'll take a pass.

  4. Oops, that does sound a little steep! (the UK vs US thing again). My sympathies. I should probably check to see how much they charge for Europe.


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