Thursday, July 23, 2009

Amy Winehouse stinks up a storm?

"Amy Winehouse is reportedly eyeing a deal with a perfume house to launch a range under her name. The singer was said to looking to bag a deal worth more than 750,000 dollars under the guidance of her father, Mitch" according to the Indian Express. “They want it to reflect her style with a classic smoky 1950s look and smell. Amy is keen to expand her brand and wants to latch on to the celeb perfumes bandwagon while she can". The news is also broadcasted on Starpulse Entertainment news. The initial reportage is owed to The Daily Star, but in a world when porn stars have issued their own celebrity scents, a (talented, if troubled) singer's juice doesn't seem as far fetched.
Will it be "Eau de Funk" like reported on Ear Sucker? "A namless {sic} industry insider seems to agree with me saying: “Frankly, she doesn’t look like she smells that nice, so doing some positive publicity to prove it doesn’t just smell of stale booze and fags would be vital.” according to

The "while she can" line sounds a little desperate...even if 50s fragrances are indeed often an affair of booze and cigarette smoke, let me remind the nameless industry insider.

At any rate, for her sake, I hope this move (if confirmed) is the nudge to tilt her out of the downward spiral of dependency...

What would you like to see featured in Amy's scent? Or which celebrity (who hasn't yet) would you like to see launching a fragrance?


  1. Malena21:02

    Dear E.,

    I´m a huge fan of Amy´s music, IMO she´s extremely talented - but the most talented singers/writers/actors often seem to be very troubled, depressed & desperate persons. Not to mention how many of them have problems with drugs & alcohol.

    Personally I really hope she won´t release a boring mainstream scent like so many stars do nowadays. I wouldn´t mind if her perfume smelled of cigarettes & booze!
    Something like Femme mixed with a generous dose of Tabac Blond (even so both scents aren´t from the 50s) came to my mind first.

    Well, let´s wait & see ;-)

  2. Rappleyea22:37

    Katherine Hepburn?!? LOL!

  3. I think it would be great. Something dangerous and smoky. Like vintage Tabu. Why not?

  4. I love her music and while wondering which scent she would wear i once read she used Escada's Collection, so IF she has something to say it might be a sweeter scent, i guess something plummy with tobacco and rum. No pun intended. I would love a third CD of her music, would love if the perfume would help improve her popularity again.

  5. Oh, please, no. :) I love her musci, but it's true, she seems not to smell nice and hence, anything that bears her name would in my mind either not smell "nice" or wouldn't smell like her. That sound really awful now. :)

  6. Dear C,

    (btw, just replied to your mail),

    I believe Amy is very talented as well! It's a mystery how she has wrecked her life, or rather how her life has been feeding the tabloids so much. Lots of other people in the creative fields have some similar problems but they seem less on the public eye. So for that I hope she gets better and continues to do what she does so well. In my opinion, if they let her do something that is to her vision, it might actually be good! Even Lagerfeld has pronounced her worthy of a muse, so why not us? I find those articles like blows below the belt to someone who is clearly in a delicate state right now. Not nice...
    Your scent idea sounds fabulous! Maybe they should take you up on it!!

  7. D,

    I think Hepburn is a dream celebrity to front a scent, who wouldn't be enticed? Smart, capable, confident, tasteful, never overbearing, what's not to love?
    I'm right behind you on this, but seems a little unrealistic :/

  8. P,

    exactly, it sounds like a retro scent with a modern punky attitude, can't think of anything better really. Your idea might be good!! *crossing fingers*

  9. N,

    I hope this helps her get out of the troubles and focus on her potential. Maybe the added cash might help and maybe it could provide some focus, so she produces more of her (admittedly great) music. Love your suggesting, why am I thinking we need a modern tobacco with attitude for women?

  10. I,

    it's certainly what her image speaks of, dirty teeth, scabby skin, tattered clothes, I do understand that; and yet I bet she'd clean up really nicely, if she tried. I found the remorse words of her husband/boyfriend, rather sad and touching, when recounting how she joined him in the meth addiction "I destroyed something beautiful"...It just saddened me so much. So I am wishing her all the best.

  11. I am wishing her best as well because I absolutely love to hear her singing. So much potential in her life - I just hope she lives it.

  12. Yeah, it would be tragic if she ended up dead, while ~say~ Paris Hilton is aimlessly tormenting us with her own life. Celebo-scent issued or not... ;-)

    Hope you're not having too hot weather! We're "cooking" here!

  13. I'd love to see something from Helena Bonham Carter. Like her clothes, I imagine she'd come up with something resolutely her own, somehow vintage-feeling and yet avant-garde, with no nodding to current trends.

  14. Hmmm...Did Courtney Love front a fragrance? And if so, how did that go for her? I love Amy's music. I hope she is getting good advice and support from her peeps.

  15. Oh, dear E, we're definitely cooking here. :) But I'll survive another week and then it's vacation time (I can already hear books and the sea calling me)... ;)

  16. Doesn't Jasmine et Cigarette already exist? ;)

  17. Aaargh! I need brain bleach because I imagined that scent. Not pretty, based on stale cigarette ash. I must admit that I'm not a fan of Amy so I may be biased.

  18. Queen,

    did she? I wonder now: I thought she had posed for something for Versace (right when Donatella was giving her a make-over some years ago)or am I wrong? I don't believe she had her own celebrity scent launched (again not 100% sure).
    Good parallel though, great thinking! :-)

  19. Ines,

    darling, I wish you courage, what else can one say? It's been hellish these past two days so you have my sympathies...Let's hope ot subsides, the weather has been really crazy around the whole of Europe my friends say and I witnessed it myself a bit the other weekend.
    Sea and books sound like the loveliest combo imaginable! Hope the time goes swiftly!

  20. &amp,

    good point!! But it's a lovely fragrance in its own special way IMO, so that wouldn't be so bad if they issued another in a similar vein. We'll see, I guess.

  21. L,

    hello honey! Missed you!
    You got to fill me in with your news when you get a minute.

    Well, stale ash is not pretty, granted. I think Amy is talented but the visuals aren't pretty right now. Who knows, it looks like Coty or Parlux should embark on the project and I don't think they'd go for something overly dramatic or "dirty" at any rate (judging by the previous celebrity launches). Not that I am disatrught with the anxiety of anticipation or anything. (I just wish her the best, she looks like she needs it).

  22. Mim,

    great choice!!! I think Elena Bonham Carter is pretty amazing as an actress and she has a very peculiar (borderline weird) personal style, which could have the potential for something really interesting. I recall she was the Yardley face for cosmetics for some time (a whiiiiiile back), so it's not like she's a stranger in "the world of the pretty" (if we classify perfume there). ;-)

  23. Oh no, is this a joke? Why would anyone want to smell like Amy? She looks like seven miles of bad road, or in horseman's terms, "rode hard and put away wet." Not to mention her "medical problems" - one comedian quipped that she is the only known celebrity whose personal car is an ambulance.

    Please no. Just no.

  24. Brigitte S00:45

    I third Elena Bonham Carter launching a perfume, but also would dig Natalie Portman (I imagine something deep, intellectual but topped with something youthful and innocent- maybe a really earthy, incensy, oriental iris with honeysuckle & lily top notes). Dita Von Teese is another slightly annoying celebrity but she does actually have a love for perfumes, so I bet if she released a retro femme fatale scent it would be better than Amys.

  25. Brigitte,

    thanks for the suggestions. I very much like them! I would like to see something by Portman, although I sense she's too "serious" to do it. Also from Dita because she genuinely loves perfumes and vintage stuff. It should be gooooood.

  26. Flora,

    it remains to be seen what will become of this. Perhaps it will stay on paper and never materialise. I didn't really know her car was a portable medical chamber! Makes sense though in a sad, sad way.


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