Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fifi Awards Voting begins!

Last year, The Fragrance Foundation sponsored the creation of three social networking pages, in MySpace, Facebook, and Iqons. The profiles became the main source for consumer voting, and home to exclusive FiFi Awards content. Online fragrance voters helped catapult fragrances like Marc Jacob's Daisy and Prada's Infusion d'Iris to top honors. Their response also led to the creation of the first FiFi Award for bloggers. This year, your favorite fragrances are relying on you even more. Online voting will begin at 12:01am, Monday, April 27th and closes at midnight on May 15th.
The 2009 Hall of Fame Award has already been announced here, with this year's honors bestowed on designer Marc Jacobs.
Check out the links:
Facebook FiFi-Awards,Iqons FiFi Awards,Myspace Fifi awards,FifiAwards.org

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  1. Thanks for this post E! I have 'become a fan' at the Facebook page.


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