Friday, March 27, 2009

The 2009 Hall of Fame Award of The Fragrance Foundation’s 2009 FiFi® Awards goes to.....

The Fragrance Foundation is delighted to announce that Marc Jacobs will be honored with the Hall of Fame Award at The Fragrance Foundation’s 2009 FiFi® Awards and celebration on Wednesday May 27th in New York City. The Hall of Fame award is voted on by The Fragrance Foundation’s Board of Directors and is presented to an individual who has brought extraordinary ingenuity, creativity, dedication and inner resources to bear, not only to their company’s success but to the fragrance industry as a whole.

Rochelle Bloom, President of The Fragrance Foundation, observes:

“Marc Jacobs is the epitome of a true fashion innovator. His talent is simply breathtaking. He brings a fresh, delightful, joyful approach to everything he does. Last year, we were thrilled that he won a FiFi ® for Fragrance of the Year with Daisy and we are honored to present him with the Hall of Fame Award.”
“I love the notion of daisies.” says Marc, “I wanted to evoke the feeling that you get when you see them-happy, youthful, whimsical and sweet connotations."Rochelle Bloom continues

"Marc’s contribution to the fragrance industry started with his very first signature fragrance and now encompasses many different and delicious aromas all imbued with his personality and flare. He has built a fragrance brand with a broad appeal and brought along with him a whole new generation of loyal fragrance lovers for the ride. Bravo to Marc for reaching out and embracing these modernistas!"
From the time he entered Parson’s School of Design, Marc Jacobs has been a fashion designer to the core and a skillful fashion entrepreneur. He designed his first Marc Jacobs label collection in 1986 and was the youngest ever designer to be awarded the fashion industry’s highest tribute: The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent. Since then he has built a fashion empire that literally spans the globe with retail stores in London, Paris Tokyo, Moscow, Madrid, Istanbul and Athens. Described by Vogue as designing “resolutely informal, wholly luxurious garments that confer on the wearer a youthful, anonymous and effortless chic”. "It's been really rewarding to make this foray into fragrance," explained Jacobs. "It's fun to smell our fragrances on people on the street and it all feels very in sync with our collections. We work really hard on the fragrances and it is nice to be recognized for that".

Pic of Mac Jacobs via Visionnaire


  1. Daisy is nice! I was surprised when I sniffed it ... but haven't gotten round to buying myself a bottle yet!

  2. It's certainly quite a success, lots of people have embraced it. MJ has quite a bit of market-shaping abilities, hasn't he?

  3. Is that a picture of Marc Jacobs? Having a bit of a Tom Ford moment? And what is he lying on top of?

  4. Hi J!

    You must have missed the Visionaire moment, I guess. Yup, Marc Jacobs posed in the buff (ha!) when he was guest art director for the 52nd issue of the periodical. I think he's posing sprawled over a statue. He has another shot here, which is even more Tom-Ford-ian! All for the meek price of 375$!

    (I think the state of the LV bags lately is lamentable, but don't get me started on that)

  5. I am utterly WONG!!! He's lying over a gigantic teddy-bear!


    Here is how that issue looked like (the names of the photographers on the cover)

  6. His Daisy scent is nice but I am worried about the teddy bear!

  7. I have to say I am worried as well! LOL :p

    HOpe you're very well, my dear M. Hugs to you!


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