Monday, March 30, 2009

Home-Made in NYC Scents

An interesting article in the New York Times came to my attention focusing on the work of artisanal perfumers Dsanddurga. David Moltz and Kavita Ahuja collaborate and tell us how they begun their small-scale venture:
He distills some of his own oils, and he experiments and mixes his creations in his apartment in Manhattan with his partner, Kavita Ahuja. Everything is bottled and packaged by hand.“We thrive on the collective spirit of our friends in New York City who put their heart and soul into their own arts and crafts — jewelry designers, painters, screen printers, architects, clothiers,” Mr. Moltz said. “A good deal of our close friends make something with their own hands. We share information and wear each others’ creations, etc.”

Read the rest of the article following this link.

Thanks to Diavalano/mua.


  1. I'm going to check these out tomorrow. A boutique here carries them. So curious to sniff them after I saw that NYT article.

  2. I'm looking forward to your impressions, honey!


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