Monday, March 23, 2009

Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta in Villa

Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta In Villa is a new packaging twist to the Aqua di Parma Italian brand of fragrances Colonia Assoluta (a citrus aromatic developed by Bertrand Duchaufour and Jean Claude Ellena in 2003). This time drenched in green instead of the luminous yellow trademark packaging of Acqua di Parma, it is meant to represent a pastoral view of green fields in Tuscany where teracotta-tiled villas reside, encompassing twelve natural ingredients including Italian citrus, blond wood and spicy accords. The aim is to appeal to both men and women, while the packaging is given a green bulb atomiser in the recent trend for old-fashioned glamour.

Colonia Assoluta in Villa will be available in 200ml/6.8 oz flacons of eau de toilette, launching on the market in April 2009.



  1. Are green colognes an emerging trend or something? Pretty bottle, though.

  2. Colognes are definitely the new black. Everyone is doing one, it seems! And green is very on vogue too! (as in leafy, dewy, eco...)
    The bottle is very pretty and the whole AdP line has rather nice scents (IN is my favourite)

  3. Mike Perez23:27

    Beautiful. Though, the bulb atomizers always scare me (leakage?).

  4. Very pretty, E. But is it a different scent? I'm confused...

  5. M,

    thanks for stopping by, and you're corect, bulb atomisers have a bad reputation.

    BTW, did my samples package ever get to you? :/

  6. J,

    from the info I deduced it's a minimal twist on the Colonia Assoluta. Nothing majorly different.

  7. DAMN< that's gorgeous-
    But, like Mike- I'll skip the bulb; they only make trouble and evaporation, LOL.
    [Very chi-chi, nonetheless !]

  8. Alas, I like it too. Perhaps the bulb is detachable and one can use it only for show?? ;-)

  9. The bulb is detachable and the bottle comes with a normal cap. Then you lose the spraying device though.
    The bulb does leak on my bottle, so I removed it. I was told it is just the same scent (Acqua d P Assoluta).

  10. Bas,

    welcome and thanks so much for the info!
    Bulbs do leak most of the time and they have a bad reputation. They do look pretty but...
    Thank you also for the confirmation on the juice being the same. So only a different presentation. Good to know!


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