Monday, March 23, 2009

Galivanting aimlessly during the weekend

All cats come out in the sun, is a popular saying. Like them, I sunned myself. And these are a few of the things I snapped.

The open air market has flowers for sale. In cellophane and metallic-looking wrap, they stand proud: lilies, roses, petunias, freesias... People come and go and stare at them. Who will take them home?

The market also has olives. Lots of them. In all sizes, shapes and quite a few shades.

The lilies have blossomed. Those are cala lilies. Almost obscene. They remind me of Diego Rivera.

Surprisingly, so has jasmine! Yet, I can never be sure whether it is jasmine that has withstood the cold or new jasmine. It seems like I see jasmine all-year round!

With wisteria (glycine) I can be sure, though! These are the hypnotically fragrant, powdery spicy "grapes" of spring. Soon the whole place will be covered with them.

All kinds of things grow in the sun. Even clean socks!

Butterflies seem unaffected though! Harvesting the nectar...

There is retro-chic with a nod to bygone times. (I'd like to have an etched glass-door like that in my own verandah).

And then there's reto-retro! A 60s brand of lingerie and swimwear. Minoan-style...or not.

Shall we go in?

Sure, but let's first grab a bite!

All photos copyright © helg/Perfumeshrine


  1. Oh, I miss those outdoor flower markets in Europe. We don't have them here. And the daisies you picture: I used to call them "blue jean flowers" because the centers are the indigo of denim, with the gold the exact color of the stitching on old-fashioned Levis. And the olives. We're so paranoid in the US, with our supermarkets, food wrapped in plastic -- but, finally, that's beginning to change. Nice photos!

  2. I want to be in Athens in the spring! Loved your pictures!!

  3. Thank you for that little vacation in Athens! That was fun.

  4. Helg! Thanks so much for taking me (us) on your walk with nice... :)

  5. I love wisteria! And now I want to be on Antiparos...

  6. Fiordiligi17:44

    Oh E, what a treat to see those Athenian treats on a grey, damp day in London. Love the Minoan bikinis!

  7. stella p19:40

    Lovely beyond words! Who wouldn´t wish to be there.. :)

  8. P,

    how deftly you named them so pefectly! Indeed they have that indigo heart, never thought of it, but you're absolutely right. I will from now on refer to them as "P's blue jeans daisies" (shame on me, I don't even know their official latin name).
    Olives are everywhere! We're olive country. You can often see people on the trees in late autumn picking them with bag at hand. ;-) (they do require some preparation at home though, they're not like figs, cut and eat I mean)

  9. Thank you K, honey! I'd like you to visit too!

  10. A,

    glad it provided some pleasure and variety :-)

  11. S,

    you're very welcome. I see so many little cute things I wish I had better photographic skills and quicker hands to catch them all.

  12. LF,

    oh honey, I'd love to be on Antiparos too!!! ;-)
    Still, rather nice that we're having sunny weather, hope London is balmy as well.

  13. D,

    LOL, those bikinis are something else. There's even a monokini there!
    Glad you liked the pics, I take so many, I need to restrain myself.

  14. S,

    aww, thanks for saying so. Hope you get a spot of sping very soon! :-)

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  16. Ελισάβετ04:23

    πολύ όμορφες! Μου λείπει η Αθήνα τώρα...

  17. Hello Elisabeth!!
    Vai molto bene :-)
    Of course, it's my pleasure (have linked you too)! How interesting that you study Biology, have an interest in medicine myself.

  18. Ελισάβετ,

    σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ! Πού είσαι~Ευρώπη ή Αμέρικα? Είναι όντως πολύ ανοιξιάτικα εδώ. Πολλούς χαιρετισμούς!

  19. Oh, to live in paradise-
    Now that spring is there !

  20. Yeah, I'm pretty lucky; count my blessings and all... :-))

  21. Oh how beautiful that weekend was, judging by the pics! We have some jasmine here in Adelaide, on Melbourne Street in North Adelaide. Last year my parents came over from Malaysia and we were walking down that street with this most divine fragrance enveloping us ... I wanted to bottle it and bring it home! Alas, the best I could do was pluck a blossom...

  22. It was certainly very enjoyable! Thanks :-)

    Jasmine would bloom wonderfully in Australia as it loves the heat and it can adjust to dry climates. Funny thing, I don't recall seeing any jasmine in Sydney, although at the time it was wintery so that must be why.
    It's sad how we can't bottle up precious moments...they only live in our minds.


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