Monday, March 23, 2009

The Market Share of Young Women in France

According to Maryline Le Theuf (Source: cosmetiquemag, mars 2009) and a survey of 2500 women between 15 and 24 years of age in France (NB the survey was conducted through 18 May 2008), the annual budget of hygiene/beauty products of that demographic (15% of the French population) has been raised to 240 per year corresponding to 22 purchases in the same time frame. The amount spent by those over 25 is 262 per year for the same number of purchases, explained by the slightly costlier items purchased by women with greater economic independence.
The percentages are grossly taken by makeup (85% of this demographic in contrast to 63% total in France) and hair products (I guess we all recall our troubled identity-searching teenage-hair- days!). It's impressive however to see that those young women buy a lot of products off catalogues and the internet on what concerns fashion and the trend extends to perfumes, with 52% of the 20-24 year olds having acquired 4,5 products via the Net. Makes you re-think the retail prices on several fragrances, doesn't it?

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