Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thierry Mugler Alien Giant Golden Excess & Initiatory Stone: news & musings

In times of recession one would think that manufacturers and perfume companies would cut back and offer more economical solutions to lure in customers and retain their market share. However, as the -admittedly strange and inconvenient- economic rule for getting out of such as phase is basically continuing to spend (so as to boost the market and keep companies afloat), the practice of luxury brands to actually raise their prices and issue super-expensive products instead is macroeconomically sane but in the short term a little absurd. Yet it happens! And the latest example is brought here today for your appraisal.

The Clarins Group which holds the licence for parfums Thierry Mugler has just issued a very unusual and expensive edition that is aimed at true-blue collectors of fine fragrance with their new Alien Golden Giant Excess: The limited edition holds 1 liter (Whoah! talking about Godzilla size!) in a flacon decorated with real gold and Swarovski crystals! (click the pic, it's really impressive) The juice inside the bottle remains as usual, an "extraterrestrial" mix of jasmine sambac from India, blonde woods and white musks in Eau de Parfum concentration. Thierry Mugler launched Alien in 2005 in a formula devised dy Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere and is considered successful in turnover terms. The price of the Alien Golden Giant Excess is 2000 euros. (Now please gather your jaw from the floor).

This comes on the heels of another limited edition for Alien, the Initiatory Stone which is available as a limited edition of 15ml Eau de Parfum from January 2009 in a bottle cut like an amethyst gem, a carrier of natural energy, topped by a gold cap, symbolising solar power. The scent is once again completely unchanged.

The two limited editions come as a follow up of the spring-summer'08 Alien Eau Luminescente, which was taking the solar theme into an interpretation in warm packaging hues.
Seems like the various editions keep a brand alive and kicking, creating buzz even in difficult times!

News and pic via Fragrantica and sfilate.it


  1. The two look so intriguing that I'm very tempted. Luckily, the price tag means that I don't even have to decide whether or not to go for it. Thanks for the article, it is interesting to see brands go all out during times as such.

    x Grayburn

  2. V,

    hi there, dear lady! How are you?
    Thanks for stopping by :-)

    Yeah, I found the news a little shocking, to be honest. The bottles do look like out of this world. (lucky for me, I'm not partial to the scent so not tempted by the smaller one)

  3. stella p13:59

    Even thought the bottles are interesting, and appeal in a somewhat perverse way, I can't understand who the potential buyers are?
    Well, I am a bit attracted to the scent, but don't understand "the solar accord"; at least wearing it does not feel as being hit by yellow warm sun rays, but that is probably not the intention? The cold gem colour of the bottles indicates the rays from the sun in interplanetary space, and like that it feels on the skin, although one also feels warm like under warm woolly felt garments

  4. I believe there are collectors who perhaps buy those things (I wonder just how any copies of those are issued in the first place).
    Navigating around 1lt of fragrance without spilling/breaking/causing some minor accident/whatever doesn't sound like too easy.
    Love your description of cool/warm antithetical properties/smells/colours!!

  5. Many years ago I bought a lotion called "guy st honore" in a stylish clothing store, they said coming from the extract of grapes, can you tell me if anyone knows anything about this fragrance? Thank you.


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