Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ormonde Jayne new fragrance Zizan and Discount for our Readers

Ormonde Jayne, project haute parfumerie of nose Linda Lilkington, has spoiled us rotten with quality all around. (You can see the rationale and philosophy of the brand explained in the interview Linda Pilkington granted to Perfume Shrine). Now catering to the needs of men who had only two scents (Ormonde Man, Isfarkand) to claim as purely masculine in the line ~although several could be borrowed from their female companions anyway!~ a new masculine is introduced: Zizan.

Zizan, a perfume like no other "because it has everything a man could possibly want in a single spectacular scent. This is a powerhouse perfume. Expect a deluge of boisterous Sicilian lime, lemon and bergamot but to smooth the biting edge, a brilliantly refined concentration of vetiver.
Zizan belongs to the domain of the worldly, highly sophisticated and cultivated. It also belongs to the strategist - the man who knows how to seduce".

The notes include a refreshing top of Sicilian lime, lemon, bergamot, clary sage, pink pepper and juniper berry; a rich aromatic floral heart of bay, violet and jasmine; and a refined base of Vetiver, cedar, must and amber.

Price is £64 for the standard luxurious 50ml/1.7oz presentation of the Ormonde Jayne fragrances in the potent concentration of Eau de Parfum.
Available from Ormonde Jayne Perfumery, 12 The Royal Arcade London W1S 4SL, UK and Ormonde Jayne Perfumery, Boutique 1 Jumeirah Beach, Dubai. Soon online.

Ormonde Jayne has also recently introduced a multiple-wick candle, in time for the darker season and the holidays, to lend a touch of fragrant luminosity into those cold nights ahead.
And because they want to spoil us to the point of no return, there is a special event on Thursday 20th November (with roasted chestnuts and Father Christmas appearences along the street) in which Ormonde Jayne perfumery participates with a discount of 10% off for in-person-purchases on that day or even by phone or online with code NOEL.
Furthermore, visit the official website Ormonde Jayne and profit of a 10% discount with code THANKS (duration of offer till 27th November).

As my loaded schedule tucks in projects, errands and duty travelling to other places, London visits have to wait till Christmas time, so I am eyeing a bottle of Ormonde Woman to stand beside my beloved Tolu prompted by this. What will you get?

Pic through press release.


  1. Ooh thanks for this, the shopping evening sounds like it will be really good- I think I'd best get myself down there.

    I would like some Tolu and some champaca I think but need to re try things!

    How exciting that you're visiting soon!

  2. K,

    you have a great excuse! (Xmas festivities) ;-) Happy shopping and don't forget to say hi from me.
    As to visiting: God-willing soon!

  3. I am thinking of getting a sample pack, but it feels a bit depressing after talking to a friend who told me that the price for the sample packs have almost doubled in one year, ouch.

  4. kathleen14:14

    My husband just came back from London and brought me some Ormonde Woman & Frangipane Lotion. He was spritzed with the new fragrance, Zizan, but doesn't know if he wants a full bottle. I can see why, now that I read the notes, they don't "sound" like him. He also got the name wrong, which I naturally blabbed, and now sound like a total dolt. I'm going to have a look at the candles.

  5. "London visits will have to wait till Christmas time..."

    Ooooh, I'm so jealous!

    One of these days.

  6. I will mention you of course!

    Yes who needs an excuse but Christmasy stuff and a discount- woo hoo! I used to work about ten minutes from there and miss it badly, it's such a great place to be at Christmas

  7. leopoldo17:09

    Hey there E!

    Sniffed Zizan last week and snagged a sample too. It should launch tomorrow to coincide with the Bond St Christmas festivities, according to Linda's voice (she called down from above the shop).

    It is MASCULINE for sure. But it's Ormonde Man that still seduces me the most.

  8. L,

    they have? Ouch, hadn't really noticed. Good thing they're quite big samples though.

  9. K,

    how lucky you are!! (did he pick those himself or did he get a subtle *cough, cough* hint as to which?) Enjoy!
    Interesting on the Zizan: I deduce from the name that it would be quite grassy (zizanoide is the name for the vetiver species and "zizan" is also the name we call weeds here).

  10. P,

    don't be; the way everything is crammed in my schedule I don't have much time to attend to much entertainment.
    I do hope you will come to Europe though. :-)

  11. K,

    you're very sweet :-) London is great for Christmas, period (then again, so is Vienna...)

  12. Lee,

    wow, an early mini-review! So, is it heavy on the vetiver? Can't wait to sample it.

    Ormonde Man is v.good, I agree. I wasn't that taken with Isfarkand for some reason (?).

  13. leopoldo20:06

    Like you, not so keen on Isfarkand. great top notes, but it doesn't hold the quality for long. I intend to review Zizan at PP on Friday. The vetiver's there, but to my mind it's more of a dry woody scent with nods towards an incense feel - sitting somewhere in the spaces between Rochas Lui, Gucci pour Homme and le Labo Vetiver 46. The first of the three is perhaps the closest approximation I have (without having sample of that, or the Gucci to hand, mind you).

  14. Elizabeth05:57

    Tolu it will be for me, as well. I have fallen head over heels for it. Woman is lovely , too, but I can never turn away an ambery scent.

  15. Oh I ended up working late and didn't get here. Sniff. Still I shall go before Christmas to soak up the atmosphere.

  16. Oh dear and I was counting on you to tell me how it went. Oh well, there's always Xmas :-)

  17. Anonymous21:01

    I've just tried Zizan today. It has great sillage and its longevity is 6+ hours. Unfortunately, it smells almost like Montale's Red Vetyver! Therefore, there's no point owning both, IMHO. As to which one's superior, I'll leave it for you to decide (although Red Vetyver is cheaper to buy from Paris)...


  18. Thank you Trebor for chimming in! I haven't tried Red Vetyver so I can't judge, but will note it down to do a side by side comparison when I get a sample on hand. In the meantime I got to review Zizan, so see if you agree.


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