Friday, May 2, 2008

Guerlain The 4 Seasons collectibles!

2008 marks the 180th anniversary of Guerlain, as we had noted a short while ago : It was Pierre François Pascal Guerlain who opened his first shop in Rue de Rivoli in Paris in 1828. Therefore, to celebrate this landmark on May 15th 2008 a limited box-set of four different perfumes representing the four seasons by Jean Paul Guerlain will launch: Eau de Toilette Muguet de Printemps, Eau de Parfum Quand Vient l'Été, Eau de Parfum Brume d'Automne and Eau de Toilette Winter Delice.

Brume d'Automne (=autumnal mists) is a new creation, an aromatic, floral woody with bay rose, coriander, rosemary, ylang-ylang, absinthe, sandal wood and vetiver rhizome.
The rest are re-issues of previous limited editions.

The fragrances will be presented in a black leather box in 35 ml crystal Baccarat 'heart shaped stopper' bottles. Each bottle is engraved by hand with a small drawing, illustrating each season.
With only 85 copies made and a price of 2500€, this release is targeted towards the serious collector!

We will occupy ourselves with recent Guerlain launches such as Cruel Gardenia shortly!

Thanks to Mr. Guerlain for the info and the pic.


  1. Ohhhh.
    A girl can dream, right ?
    THAT doesn't cost....


  2. way out of my league... I can only wonder what they're like--I like a AA Winter Delice--i was wearing it a few days ago in the chilly rain. wonder what the toilette would be like, also the summer... sigh....

  3. The price indeed leaves something to be desired: one would think that a big portion is going towards the etched bottles. But they do look ravishing all together *sigh*

    I always liked Winter Delice, even though I don't wear it often because of my SO's comparative "dislike". I can't imagine why they had conceptualised it as a limited edition right from the start, though, when there were so many Aqua Allegorias which were not on a par quality-wise...

    BTW, popping off to check your project ;-)


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