Sunday, May 4, 2008

Scent set in 9mm

Grab the phone and communicate this exciting piece of news to your friends: The first ever Fragrance & Film Festival, organized by Vogue and The Fragrance Foundation, is happening before our eyes. On April 25 the deadline for submissions from auteurs was closed and they're now working on turning the following fragrances into little films that will try to translate what they smell like into another medium: Paris Hilton’s Can Can, Usher for Men, Usher for Women, Missoni Acqua and Gucci by Gucci.
Perhaps the choices are not every perfumeholic's wet dream. Think of the amazing possibilities: turning the wistfulness of Mitsouko, the daring of Tabac Blond or the opulence and decadence of Opium into moving image and sound...But still, it will be an interesting exercise.

The contest awards the winner $10,000 and the voting for eligible contributions will be held online by the public (so vote, vote, vote!). The winner will be proclaimed by a panel of judges including director/producer Brett Ratner (“X-Men: The Last Stand” and the “Rush Hour” series), Doug Keeve, director of fashion documentaries “Seamless” and “Unzipped”, music video director Chris Robinson and producer Lee Daniels (“Monster’s Ball,” “The Woodsman” and “Shadowboxer.”)

Thanks to Karin from Savvy Thinker and to thestylephile for the info.

Pic from JamesBond Wikipedia.


  1. Andy08:41

    What a pity that: I'd love to see Mitsouko there!

  2. Anonymous10:40

    This is very interesting for me as the way I learn and create perfumes best is to personify the essences I am working with. Each essence become a character and the story and the perfume comes from there. I have a collection of soap operas based on this ideas if you want to have a look at them? Just go to the "scented soap opera" blog my latest is the three angels of lavender. It is going to be a beauty.
    I love your work.

  3. Indeed Andy, it could have been something dazzling, haunting, you name it: I almost have directed a litle film of it in my mind myself *sigh*
    They could have picked one of your own scents and it would have been thrilling too :)

  4. Ruth,
    I am flattered you like the work on Perfume Shrine. Thank you!
    I very much enjoyed your stories about hyacinth, rose and lavender: giggles aplenty! The hyacinth one is very realistic!

  5. How fantastic! I wish I'd known about this sooner, my beloved works in film, he could have submitted something. Thank you so much for all the lovely information and insights written on this blog.

  6. Thank you Roxana for your very kind words and welcome to Perfume Shrine.
    Indeed it would be wonderful to be able to submit something in such a contest: it is so intriguing! Ah well, let's hope it becomes an institution :-)


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