Monday, March 31, 2008

2008 fragrance anniversaries

Several significant fragrance anniversaries are scattered through 2008: the House of Guerlain’s 180th year (to mark which a new men’s scent is in the works), L’Air du Temps’ 60th and the 30th for several other classic scents: Polo, Mûre et Musc and Azzaro pour Homme.

Personally I am very intrigued with what Guerlain might further do for the occassion: being my favourite house and with a revamped image in the last few years, sourcing through their back catalogue, I am eager for more! In the meantime, Guerlain is launching a limited edition of its best-seller for men, Habit Rouge, this spring. Named Habit de Metal , it is a collectible presented in a metallic-red lacquered flask, in a silvery package. The scent remains the same gorgeous powdery oriental. The Eau de toilette comes in 3.4 oz/100ml and retails for €70.

For the holidays of 2008, Nina Ricci will issue a prestigious collector’s edition for the powdery floral L'air du temps: a duo in “day and night” Lalique crystal. The set will comprise two bottles of extrait de parfum; one a pale, opalescent crystal, the other a shiny black. The set will be presented in a round jewel box with a black satin ribbon that will come in only 1,382 numbered sets for the entire world. The Lalique crystal extrait de parfum bottles will contain ¼ fl. oz. each and will retail at €227. {info through Osmoz}

Check back later for an opinion article.

Pic of Nina Ricci ad from the 70s courtesy of Parfums de pub


  1. I remember there was some news about Guerlain releasing a anniversary mini box, ah here's the link:

  2. Sounds lovely!!

    Thanks, honey!

  3. I am wondering in what strengths the minis will come, a box of 15 will hardly be targeting the general masses, but I guess Guerlain will probably save a 15 pure perfume minis box for their 200 anniversary instead lol.

    Btw, just in case you missed my question below another post, were there any comments about Indult in Perfume the Guide? I am really curious to hear what they could think of the line.

  4. Fifteen of them seem like too many to be in parfum form (would be too expensive), although I sure hope they are.

    Let me check and reply back later on the other question ;-)


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