Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring Anticipation-a Joint Project from Two Sides of the World

lilac in bloom perfumeshrineWhere I live spring has already come and it’s raining sunray upon sunray on us to the delight of the inner child that wants to come out and play. So in an anthem to spring, these are the things I anticipate to enjoy in these next few months, arbitralily noted down in varied categories. The Non Blonde joined me in this list, so you might want to check it.
I hope you find them inspiring!


I am eager to see the exhibition of one of the artists I follow, John Psychopedis, founder of the New Realists group using ready-made elements from advertising, cinema and press in combination with concepts inspired by History of Art and Marxist doctrine.
It opens today and will run through the end of April.(pic:"rereading Odyssey")


1.The retelling of "Beauty and the Beast" is a book with watercolors by Angela Barrett. It’s filled with ethereal pictures, of which the two-page spreads in particular are trully beautiful! And while we're at it, the illustrations on this version, are also gorgeous.

2.Sometimes spring can be lenient with a little light reading, for which I look forward to French Trysts: Secrets of a Courtesan by Kirsten Lobe. It doesn’t pretend to be too serious and I deem this a virtue.

butterfly lovers book illustrated japanese perfumeshrine3.Les Amants Papillons (aka The Butterfly Lovers) is a French book by the children's book illustrator, Benjamin Lacombe. The visual aspect of it with its glowing colours and shadowy little corners had captured my eye the moment I stumbled upon it on French Amazon. I plan on reading it spraying Mitsouko on my clothes first.

4.Under the smart recommendation of Vidabo/Lou from Perfume of Life, I am anticipating reading a book by Carl Wilson, who explores both his dislike of Celine Dion and the wider socio-cultural phenomenon of 'taste': aptly called "Celine Dion's Let's Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste". Sounds like my kind of thing.

Wearing bright, happy colours again!

{dress by Diane Von Furstenberg, from New York magazine Spring Fashion 08}


1.The Other Boleyn Girl: predictably I will be annoyed by historical innacuracies, but I am sure I will love the sumptuous costumes created by awe-inspiring Sandy Powell.
The line "Our daughters are being traded like cattle for the advancement of men" gives the gist of the story. But you knew that.

Watch the trailer here:

2.Lust, Caution by Ang Lee: I managed to miss it when it aired, it’s by Ang Lee, it’s a love tale cum espionage thriller in times of peril, the actors are sooo pretty, I just want to see it…Enough with the excuses!
Watch the clip here.


Good, fresh strawberries with thick, unsweetened cream on top. Yum!
Ladurée macaroons in cassis-violet flavour: someone is sending me some! I love how the fruity tang compliments the sweeter aspect and the colour appeals to me.

Fragrances to wear and enjoy

I have missed my florals...So these come out to the front of the rotation.

~Czech & Speake Mimosa: the true essence of “clean” ~trully lovely!
~Christian Dior Diorissimo: innocence and fraility of style never goes out of fashion and this is one extrait de parfum worth seeking out
~L'artisan La chasse aux papillons: another study in innocence, a watercolour of spring snapshots
~Stella Rose Absolue: for the sultrier moments, a great bridge scent from winter to spring
~Guerlain Flora Nerolia: the sentiment of walking under bitter orange trees and jasmine vines
~Carthusia Fiori di Capri: a chypre floral that emits woody hues of carnation
~Serge Lutens Tubéreuse Criminelle: a twist in the nubile hand of spring, a masterpiece of evil composition
~Serge Lutens Sarrasins: because I reserve A la Nuit for warm summer nights...
~Chanel No.22: its crepuscular tonality suits cool evening breezes when the sun melts into the horizon
~Chanel No.19: because a little je m'en fou in the mornings , donning crisp white shirts and lots of silver bangles, never hurt anyone. "L'audace a son numéro!"
~DelRae Debut: because I am smitten with its green rush
~DelRae Amoureuse: because I am smitten fullstop. I would, wouldn’t I?

serge lutens gingembre five o'clock perfumeshrineFragrances to sniff:

~Serge Lutens Five O'Clock au Gingembre: the new fresh oriental with bergamot, vetiver, ginger, beeswax, cistus labdanum and vanilla. I don’t know if it will deliver, but it’s got its own little appointment.
~Chanel Sycomore: the latest member in Les Exclusifs, reportedly a vetiver interpretation that bears no relation with the original from the start of the 20th century. Still….

Fresh flowers in the house, preferably lilacs and violets: they remind me of Easter.
Diptyque Mimosa room spray: the closest to the real smell of mimosa!


1. I love the bold look of this season: my chance to get out the trully striking pieces.
The pics shows a Dries Van Noten Tiger Eye necklace, $1,060, an amber layered necklace, $1,210, and a jade necklace on yellow ribbon, price upon request; Go to driesvannoten.be for more information. From New York magazine

2. I just knew perfume lovers would appreciate this!
Perfume tray story box by Sweet Romance

3.And this one as well….the perfect amulet against day to day evil, n’est-ce pas?
Florentina Perfume Flask Necklace by Sweet Romance

4.I am getting my Van Cleef & Arpels bracelets with the butterflies out for a stroll...
van cleef alabhra butterfly perfumeshrine


Guerlain Parure Powder: Because I want to see just why they decided to discontinue the homonymous fragrance for this!

Butterflies flying around (caterpillars are everywhere now!)
Cats having kittens
Bitter orange (citrus aurantia) trees blossoming
Lilacs happily blooming in April (despite T.S Elliot's famous verse)
People having a spring in their step due to spring's magic
Babies squinting in the sun

Project to be undertaken next for my own enjoyment
Movies that reproduce art paintings. I got the idea and got started from this page.


Goutal Crème Splendide with rose extracts. Smells divine!

perfumeshrine roger et galletSoap

I just bought a travel case of Roger & Gallet Magnolia soap and I am admiring it in its box, secretly opening and taking a whiff every now and then. I am already dreaming of the pink suds.


I had never paid enough attention to my stationary and I decided I should remedy that. These hand-pierced cards look dreamily elegant and I already imagine them scented in serene Extrait de Songe.

Tuscany...hopefully soon!

For more things to anticipate this spring, please click over to The Non Blonde.

What are you anticipating this spring? I'd love to hear!

Pics personal and courtesy of Photolife, eikastikon, New York magazine, amazon.fr, garden.co.uk, Ladurée.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    Helg/the non blonde:
    loved that project!! Will have to think of my spring ideas although we're having a flashback to winter currently...
    Agree absolutely on Diorissimo and have a longing for hyacinths (Chamade) and lily (DK Gold), SL's orange blossom of course... gonna read "Special Topics in Calamity Physics" now and maybe some Neruda poems for the holidays...
    Music: Overpowered by Roisin Murphy... love that voice... A Fine Frenzy and Just Jack...
    and looking forward to a week of blossoming mediterranean on Mallorca-island for Easter...
    *sigh* only two more weeks to go...

  2. Dear N,

    so happy you liked it :-)
    I am wishing you a swift spring arrival!
    "Special Topics in Calamity Physics": now there's a title one doesn't hear of everyday ~care to elaborate?

    And have a GREAT trip, sound marvellous!

  3. You mentioned movies that reproduce art paintings, as a project of yours: I saw Nightwatching on Sunday, the newest film of Peter Greenaway, made around/about Rembrandt's The Nightwatch, with Peter Greenaway himself introducing the film (at the film festival Kosmorama in Trondheim, Norway). The film is esthetically of the most beautiful I have seen, rush to see it, and if in Amsterdam, see the painting! :-)
    This morning I "struggled" myself through a snow storm to work, at lot of snow here, and more to come. But the days are much lighter now than in January, and in the Nordic area, spring is first and foremost light! It can be loads of snow outside, but the light gives joy! :-) You are lucky living in warm and sunsoaked Greece though..

  4. Dear Sol,

    thank you for your comment and your recommandation. Although I do follow Greenway (he has been mentioned here before), Nightwatching hasn't opened here yet. So I am now looking forward to it!

    BTW, the plot reminds me a bit of -well before Da Vinci phenomenon- Arturo Perez Reverte's "La Tabla De Flandes"/"Uncovered", which was lightl in treatment, though (I expect Greenway didn't go that route!)

    Sympathies for the snow storm: still, snow can be great. I love it when we get it (very sporadically, admittidly) :-)

  5. Helg what a great post! Really has me thinking about what I am looking forward to this spring: rhubarb and asparagus. Strawberries are really more of a summer treat for me. Scents: Bvlgari pour femme, Chanel 22, and Infustion d'Iris.

  6. By the way lovely children's illustrations you chose, the beauty and beast book is very popular at the library I work at. I highly suggest you look up Kinuko Y. Craft too for lovely illustrations. And check out the lovely Swan Lake http://www.amazon.com/Swan-Lake-Lisbeth-Zwerger/dp/0735817022/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1204642956&sr=1-1

  7. Anonymous16:16

    Helg/the non blonde:
    Thanks for all these great tips and thanks for mentioning Lust, Caution. I want to see it, it wasn't in our cinemas here yet. I like Tony Leung, he is my favourite Asian actor, very handsome actor by the way. :-)
    Have you seen "In the mood for love"?

  8. What fun list, E. We're stepping into spring here, but it's not in full bloom. I've yet to see my first turtle or snake of the season, and I'll be happy when the hyacinths come up.

    I am looking forward to the first really warm day so I can break out the Narcisse Blanc--it only reaches it's full glory in the heat, as far as I'm concerned.

    BTW, many thanks to you (and Lou) for mentioning the Carl Wilson book. I have been scratching my head over what to get my beloved for his birthday, and that book is definitely going on the list.

  9. Thank you Jen for your very kind words.

    Asparagus is such a short-lived treat, isn't it? Same with fresh peas.
    From your strawberry comment I understand that warm weather comes rather late to your part of the world. Still, a joy when they come!

    What lovely fragrance choices!!They're all so pretty, so elegant, so effortless.

    Thanks for the recommendation of the book by Lisbeth Zwerger: looks dreamy *sigh*

  10. Dear Lavinia,

    you're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it!

    Tony Leung is very handsome: I fist noticed him in "Hero" (which is a poem set to images, really!)
    "In the mood for love" was excellent as well.
    There's a beeline for "Lust, Caution" in my local videostore...

  11. Dear M,

    thank you!
    You get a chance to see spring more intimately than I do (and don't I envy you for that!), so I am wishing you a swift progression.
    Some florals do perform better in warm days/nights. White florals especially, I've noticed.

    If it weren't for Lou, I wouldn't have heard about the Wilson book: glad it made to your list, as it did on mine :-)

  12. Anonymous11:23

    Flora Nerolia is my love, but it is impossible to find it in the shops here. Diorissimo is my next buy probably, every time I go to perfume shop I spray it on my hands and sniff it with so big pleasure.

  13. Anonymous12:51

    Thank you for the interest, i'm afraid i'll have only time to read it completely when i'm away. But will come back later to the topic. Promise! ;-)
    Reg. Tony Leung: please see "2046" if you haven't. This movie is something...!!

  14. donanicola15:12

    Sorry to comment so late. I thought about this joyful post for quite a while yesterday, thanks E! It is strange, even though it is colder this week than some weeks in Janury or February I feel much much happier. This is down to the "March" effect, one of hope and optimism. It has enabled me to consider scents such as Chamade and Deneuve and 19 and Osmanthe Yunnan. I always like wearing green in any season but it seems particularly appropriate in the next few months along with a soft violet colour maybe - definetely taking my cue from nature! I am also looking forward to drinking some nice chilled Rose! Cheers!

  15. Looking forward to the blooming of the cherry blossom trees in the park down the block. The blooms are glorious. Alas, they are short-lived. I will wear Guerlain Cherry Blossom parfum while enjoying strolls among the trees.

  16. Lavinia,

    I know....why they decided to discontinue Flora Nerolia is beyond me. The initial line-up in the Aqua Allegorias was very credible I thought...

    Diorissimo is heavenly for spring, especially in extrait de parfum which has a little animalistic hint. It's not too ruined either, for a classic Dior ;-)

  17. Dear N,

    I will be looking forward to your detailed commentary then!
    Thanks for the rec on "2046": since you vouch for it, how can I resist? :-)

  18. Helg, ironically spring gets here really early (California), it just feels like the heat of summer here only makes the strawberry sweeter, so that's why I consider it more of a summer fruit. Our farmer's markets are flooded with strawberries well into September.

  19. Dear N,

    no need to apologise: anytime you're ready your comment is welcome :-) (btw, sent you the prize for the Quiz!)

    What lovely choices of scent: Deneuve is ever so wonderful and I have a deep love for No.19.

    I will join you in the chilled Rose: Cheers!

  20. Dear Iris,

    thank you for stopping by. Cherry blossoms are wonderful. It's fascinating how the Japanese celebrate them.
    Enjoy CB!

  21. Oh, you're lucky then! And good to know, I was unaware of this.
    We also have warm weather early and it stays quite hot till September, but strawberries are long gone by then (I don't consider the greenhouse ones that appear sometimes worth consuming) .

  22. Anonymous18:11

    "2046" is another great film. And Hero - a real poem, you are right. I love that fight scene above the surface of the lake, where you can see every drop of water. I can recommend you "Happy Together", where Leung plays a gay. It is a very interesting, difficult film.

    BTW I had to google Ladurée macaroons, I've never seen something like that. But I am sure they are very tasty. :)

  23. donanicola19:39

    Thanks E ! I will let you know when it arrives.

  24. Lavinia, I see you have dvelved into the works of Leung! I was mesmerised by the colour co-ordination of nature-costumes in Hero: it was soooo semiotically loaded.
    Thanks for the rec on Happy Together! More on the "to see" list! :-))

  25. You're welcome N! Hope you like it :-)


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