Monday, March 3, 2008

A Pat on the Back

Perfume Shrine is usually not polishing its own laurels. Well, at least not if we can help it! However sometimes a little tidbit surfacing out of the most unexpected sources is heart-warming.
I came across this lovely congratulating quote by Dain on the Lipstic Page:
"While we're at it, I think Perfume Shrine is perhaps the most marvelous perfume blog out there"
{seen here}

Dain, I don't know you, I don't know how you came to this -perhaps erroneous- conclusion, but thank you for your wonderful compliment from my heart.

Funny Tshirt courtesy of


  1. I know that one of The Lipstick Page's founders is Colleen (aka Josephine9999 on MUA - the creator of that wonderful html primer for notepads).

    Congratulations! :-)

  2. Thanks Bela very much for the good wishes and thank you for the additional info! (you're a wealth of information on many levels)

  3. How delightful to be appreciated !
    [And most assuredly, you should..!]

    Great T, btw.

  4. There are quite a few terrific perfume blogs out there, but yours is unique, E. It's smart, sexy and fun. I think I've told you that I often recommend you to non-perfume people, because there's such a wealth of material at the Shrine to enjoy. I don't know how you keep it up, but I'm glad you do ;-)

  5. Dear I,

    thank you for your support, honey!

    I was sure you'd "get" the T! ;-)

  6. Dear M,

    thank you for your most endearing compliment. You have told me before, but I'll tough it out and hear it once again! (LOL)

    You're welcome, I am glad I provide entertainment to such a smart lady ;-)

  7. Oh my, you know the funny thing, is I'm totally flattered that you're flattered--I know stuff about eyeshadows and cleansers, and I've only gotten into perfumes, so I'm totally cowed by all the great perfume bloggers out there. I find your reviews are the most consistently in-depth and well researched of any I've encountered, a little OCD in its detail (I mean that as a compliment, I'm incredibly anal myself), and very sophisticated in its opinions. They're really wonderful to read! Thank you for your sweet email. : D

  8. Dain,

    you continue to flatter me I see. A little more like this and it will all go to my head!

    In all seriousness, thank you, thank you, thank you :-))

    (and someone who has Cinema Paradiso next to Amadeus and Paradise Lost in their favourites is surely someone after my own heart!).

  9. Anonymous00:46

    Well, congratulations from me too! I'm very happy for you.

  10. Abigail08:09

    Deserved congrats for my favorite fragrance blog!


  11. Anonymous09:06

    Well, honestly... it doesn't make me wonder at all he/she writes that comment...
    Congrats, dear!

  12. Thank you Abigail :-)

  13. AWWWW.....

    N, thank you, sweetie :-)


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