Sunday, October 2, 2016

Love Chloe by Chloe: fragrance review

 It seems unbelievable that Love Chloe has been in the market for 6 years already. Then again, after spawning a handful of flankers and some imitators of its soft, downy soft violet powder it has been time to rest awhile, so the brand is discontinuing it. In many ways I am picking it today in an effort to see just how many would love seeing it in continuous production.


Chloe had revamped its brand once already after all, eschewing the old classic Chloe by Chloe with its Damien-Hirst-like calla lily stem sprouting from the bottle, in an effort to appeal to younger generations. Going for perversely clean, squirming almost, seemed to resonate with a generation accustomed to the showering twice daily ritual and using baby wipes for every dirt eventuality (great invention by the way).

I'm not in love with Chloe fragrances overall, possibly because of these very reasons, but Love Chloe stands apart thanks to its subtle erotic appeal beneath the seemingly prim overlay, perfect for summer too. There's a starchy rice-powderiness flanked by violet notes and heaps of billowy musk, which instantly recalls something retro; true enough the advertising campaigns bring back the glamorized late 1970s heroines that we normally associate with Lauren Hutton. Glamorous with a mane of gold tresses flowing over a satin silk shirt in ivory, yet able to climb a tree at the same time as well. A pity that the fragrance that reflects that very quality didn't seem to enjoy her enduring success...


  1. Anonymous00:27

    Perhaps it was too ahead of its time. Given that its powdery scent and rose-gold coloring are very fashionable, I'm surprised Chloe didn't give it one last push, perhaps with a more famous spokesmodel. Meanwhile they keep releasing flankers of Chloe EdP with minimal changes to the name and bottle, I'll bet customers get their purchase mixed up sometimes. It seems perfume companies are hungry for that one big seller, and then they just slightly update the name and bottle over and over again, sometimes with completely unrelated fragrances. I get why they do it, but it's so uninspiring. - Ioanna

  2. annemarie06:39

    I thought it was discontinued some time ago actually. I admired Love, Chloe but didn't like it for myself - too musky-powdery for me. I loved the ad though - a definite reference to the old Charlie ads, I thought.

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  3. Anonymous00:31

    I absolute adore Love, Chloe and also the intense flanker - high quality, different to everything else on the market and NOT like every other Chloe, for which I'm truly grateful. I shake my head in disbelief that they would discontinue this beauty but continue to expand on the very generic, boring "new" Chloe range. What are they thinking? Time stock up methinks.

  4. i adore love, chloƩ! it's ridiculous that they'll discontinue it, when i think its time is now. i guess it was too quality for the mainstream market :(


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