Friday, October 31, 2014

In Praise of Shamhain & Halloween

The time of the year when the veil between the world of the dead & the living is said to be the thinnest.

Bring out the black blouses & long coats from the back of the closet, carve a pumpkin, put a plummy lipstick on a pale face like a gothic heroine and light a (scented) candle for your beloved dead. Happy Halloween!


  1. I had one little brother and sister call at my door this year.
    Halloween is not big here but ... the shops are trying to make it so! LOL

    Yep, I had lollies for them.
    Is it big in Greece Helg???

  2. M,

    how lovely for you! That's cute. :-x

    Here it's practically non-existent, we have our own Carnival* at the same time that Venice and Rio have their own (in February) and that lasts for 3 whole weeks!!!! (Yeah! Frolicky frenzy and a day of intense BBQ meat eating)
    But it's a nice tradition in the original Mexican manner where it's the Day of the Dead right next, so lighting a candle for the dead is a nice touch.

    *Carnival, ending in Ash Monday, precedes Lent.

  3. Oh those Greeks know how to Party!!! LOL

  4. You can say that again! :-D


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