Friday, September 5, 2014

The 5000th Milestone

On August 30th two people five thousand miles apart simultaneously tied to became the 5,000 person to create their own fragrance at Tijon.  Fabrizia Arriola  from La Jolla made her own perfume at the Tijon fragrance lab in La Jolla while Nile Lee from Washington D.C. created her fragrance at Tijon’s headquarters on the French Caribbean island of St. Martin.

Fabrizia called her lovely perfume Tally 101 which included notes of mango, lime, lemon, papaya, freesia, verbena and amber.

At Tijon one dons a lab coat and then chooses from three unique, interactive and memorable experiences ranging from fifteen minutes to three hours in creating their custom fragrance.  They will choose from over 300 oils in blending their custom formula.  It may sound overwhelming but the pros at Tijon make it easy evidenced by its five star rating on both tripadvisor and yelp.

Fragrances created are kept by Tijon and can easily be reordered online.  “Creating a fragrance is adventurous, interactive, memorable and fun, and we provide as much help as needed in offering the different levels of experiences,” added Jovan Van Drielle, President of Tijon La Jolla.

In addition to offering these perfume creation experiences, Tijon has created and offers in its attached boutique twenty-one signature perfumes and colognes along with lotions, sunscreens, soaps and other niche cosmetics.

Tijon was founded in December 2007 in the village of Grand Case, St. Martin and opened its first USA location in December 2012 in the seaside village of La Jolla, California.  Both villages are recognized internationally for their scenic beauty, gourmet foods, shopping, and now . . . for their fragrances.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on the Tijon Parfumerie contact Jovan Van Drielle or visit

info via press release


  1. I tried this company with just 5 notes and it was exciting but the fragrance was very primitive. Now TIjon is something I'd love to do!!

  2. Hi Lia, I also tried Scentcrafters before I bought my own lab, because they PROMISE they can copy any fragrance. Unfortunately, that is not the case. So I can relate to what you are saying.

    At Tijon we NEVER promise we can duplicate any famous perfume, but we DO promise you will create a fragrance that you will love because its your very own.

    If you are ever visiting San Diego please stop by.


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