Thursday, September 4, 2014

Joan Rivers: 1933-2014

The eternally self-deprecating, great Joan has silenced for ever. Her stint at the perfume and makeup counter shall always be remembered fondly.


  1. Loved her Helg .
    I went to see her in concert here a number of years ago. She would have been in her 70's and she was firing on all pistols!
    Honestly, she was ageless!!!
    Will never be another like her sadly :(

  2. Hi Elena,
    My best friend and her husband (Linda & Bobby of are the ones who first told me about Joan's hospitalization. They knew her because of their time spent with Joan at QVC.

    They always told me that Joan was one of the most lovely and gracious, not to mention of course - hysterically funny, ladies they had ever known!

    All the greats are passing, who can ever fill their shoes?

  3. M,

    I was sure you'd chime in.

    From the little I had known her work I could tell she was hysterically funny (as Jovan below puts it) and always with a streak of self-sarcasm that took the bite off her remarks on other people. She wasn't out to bring people low, she was out there to cauterize, to taunt, to make satire.
    A sad passing.

  4. Jovan,

    hello darling!

    Thanks for your comment, such a nice comment on Joan. I didn't know her apart from her work (and not everything at that) but what I had seen suggested a deeply witty and caustic spirit. That I can appreciate. It's even better to learn that she was most lovely and gracious.

    We're living at times when a whole generation that produced a lot is dying out on us. :-( I sincerely hope that the next one is taking notes and sitting their bum down to work at producing memorable things.

    1. You are a great example Elena! I am very sad. I was going to see her literally down the road at Strathmore Hall in Maryland on Nov. 7. My mom has her perfume and loves it. xo, E! -Lia

  5. zari02:25

    While I appreciate you paying tribute to her because you felt some sort of admiration for her, I can't help but say that Joan Rivers was a hateful woman who proved herself in wishing death for innocent civilians during the latest war between Israel and Hamas. Wishing that innocent children deserved the brutality of what they got because of the government that runs Gaza.

  6. Thanks Lia! (just seen your emails, shall reply shortly)
    I never got to try her perfumes! They're supposedly good.

  7. Zari,

    you know, I had been puzzled by that statement at first myself and wondered whether she still deserved admiration after that!

    Nevertheless upon reading some more I realized that the quote is sorta taken our of context for sensationalism (a common enough practice in the media) and therefore not as hateful as it first appears. I got it she said "You (Hamas) have started it and are using poor civilians -although they have been warned of retaliation- as human shields, so don't try to make me feel guilty; I'm not the one to control it, you are" . Since she never tried to appear PC or caressing the ears of anyone, I got it to be a tough as nails but honest "enough with the victimization card" rant and therefore sort of passable (though not a view I sympathize with personally, please note). Of course Jewish people have been accused of playing the victimization card themselves before, but Joan in particular never seemed to do that, so it made me think. You know?

    NB. I'm no Zionist (nor Jewish, nor Palestinian/Arab)


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