Friday, July 4, 2014

Τop Selling Celebrity Fragrances 2013

Celebrity-fragrance sales fell to about 11% of the US fragrance market in 2013, down from 12% in 2012. Young consumers continue to be impressed by their favorite idols, wanting to emulate them even in fragrant form and to project their beauty, wealth and sexiness factor unto themselves, but the celebrity fragrance market is becoming somewhat smaller overall, according to these numbers. Repeat buyers on the other hand are the main reason for the significant head-start of the top two celebrity fragrance brands, which is telling on what concerns longterm results.

Here are the strongest sellers in brand terms and in million dollars generated:

Elizabeth Taylor fragrances 55$mil.
Jennifer Lopez 42$mil
Justin Bieber 37$mil.
Beyonce Knowles 31$mil.
Rihanna 31$mil.
Taylor Swift 27$mil.
Sean John Combs 26$mil.
Paris Hilton 24$mil.
Britney Spears 23$mil.

It is interesting to note the absence of Lady Gaga, Madonna and the Beckhams fragrances. 

source: Euromonitor International


  1. annemarie00:38

    Golly, I really hope some of those millions are going back to Liz Taylors estate to support some of her charities!

  2. Helg .... I have not bought one of these ! LOL

  3. AM,

    that is indeed a thought meriting considering. I think they are! (At least I really believe they are, right??)

  4. M,

    I have only bought Glow, but that might have to do with the fact that NONE of these (with the exception of a couple of JLos) are available in the local market. We're practically bereft of celeb scents!! I sorta think Beyonce's Tommy Hilfiger stint was available briefly, but that wasn't a celeb scent, right? Just a designer scent fronted by a celebrity.

  5. Miss Heliotrope02:44

    As you said above, celebrity scents arent always by/completely designed by the celeb, and I know I am a bit old for many of these, and so on, but what strikes me is that I wouldnt want to smell like any of these people - & that I dont think most of them are aimed at anyone over 25 (Obviously, the ET ones are much older, and if the JL are getting repeat custom that's interesting).

    I cant help thinking, given the obsession most of modern society has for celebrities, they are missing out on aiming at the 30-50ish age bracket. But then, I couldnt think of someone whose scent I would buy (based on celebrity) - but isnt that the point? There was a whole phase of anti-celebrity celebrities, and surely if one of them was associated with a less obviously young girl scent...

    (Apologies if this is confused, I am not quite sure how clearly I have explained myself).

  6. C,

    from what I know most celebrity scents AREN'T designed/consulted by the celeb in question, when they are it's the exception (it happens though!).
    And obviously the target audience is young because fandom (at least in the completist context of wanting to own the perfume with the celeb's name on it) is by its very nature something appealing to a young side of people. Now, older people do have young sides. But those young sides are reserved in that case for fandom which involves something other than emulating another person; this nuance explains IMHO why there are 60 year olds fans of Harry Potter but not of Gaga's perfume. Do I make sense here? It's not easy to put into words.

    Then there is what you're saying (which I think you have explained adequately) that some celebrities are posing as anti-celebrities actually and the scent should correspond and wouldn't that make for some far more interesting juice, aimed at more mature audiences than teenagers?
    "Like This" by Etat Libre d'Orange fronted by Tilda Swinton was one of them and sure enough, it garnered a more "mature" audience. It came from a niche firm, granted, and Swinton isn't as much a household name as Kim Kardashian, but it shows the potential, right? We have now Richard E.Grant and his own "celeb scent", which shows promise. Etc etc. I think the game is getting injected lately with some new vigor and that's promising. At least I hope it will prove to be!

  7. Anonymous03:19

    really? that's sorta mind-blowing. and yet, not. considering how many bland dryer-sheet scents i encounter, that list is probably accurate.

    but elizabeth taylor's stuff is pretty noticeable - and i never smell any of it! they must be buying and wearing it somewhere else in the US!


  8. Miss Heliotrope02:30

    I'd buy a Harry Potter scent - I'd love to play at designing a range of them. By Hogwarts house? By character - what would Voldemort wear? Do Death Eaters wear chypres?

  9. Minette,

    I think the dryer sheet scents are the answer to the "too perfume-y perfume" complaints and it's getting worse and worse.

    I guess the LT stuff is bought by repeat buyers who reside in other regions? I imagine it being big in Midwest and smaller towns in the South, where bold fragrances are appreciated (people on either coast seem to be more attuned to either more modern stuff or to subtler stuff, take your pick).
    It's also a very recognizable name for a gift, which might explain it too, as I believe happens with Chanel No.5 as well for instance (lots of sales, little to be encountered in real life smelling up close in the US?)

  10. C,

    obviously they have missed on a great opportunity by not tapping into your inexhaustible imagination!


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