Monday, July 7, 2014

My Name is Wasser, Thierry Wasser, perfumer at Guerlain.

The newest presentation for L'Homme Ideal, the newest masculine fragrance by Guerlain, currently available only in select countries, employs Thierry Wasser, head perfumer at Guerlain.
The video is aimed at the Arab market in the Middle East, but it's fun that Wasser sorta does a British-type Bond. Some things are universal it seems.


  1. You know what Helg .... if he was trying to sell me a perfume like that I would not be interested ... to me ....he is sort of like a Secondhand car salerman ! Too "talky" too. LOL

  2. Maria08:27

    He looks like Alec Baldwin, even more than usually :-) I wish he spoke his native language here, maybe he wouldn't be so tense...

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  4. Hi There,
    Good on him. I liked it. Clearly not his preferred thing to be doing but I think he tells his story and shows us his reasons very well. I am interested to smell what he has produced. A little used car salesman, but he is such a breathtaking man it kind of works for me.
    Portia xx

  5. M,

    I'm sure he didn't write or -even- pick the script. I do think they're trying to inject a car salesman vibe though, that sorta imposing, a bit overbearing style of stressing a point. It's safe to assume UHI is the perfume equivalent of LPRN. ;-)

  6. M,

    he does!!! Funny you mentioning that, he really does.
    It was especially odd hearing him say his very name with an Anglo accent (Tee-Ah-ry WASS-er!!)

  7. Portia, hello there!! So nice to see you here.

    You do have a point, he's a charming man and he's good looking, there' s no doubt about it. I'm sure he has many women and men admirers.
    His tone and stress here sound a bit like he is selling an idea of something one can't refuse (just like a car salesman I guess, hehehe) so I suppose we're going to be hammered on the head in the coming months with promos on L'Homme Ideal. Not bad in itself, it will be great fodder for discussion I bet!


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