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Scent on Canvas Ocre Dore: fragrance review

The generosity of Ocre Doré is immediately perceptible: the fragrance blends a bright, vibrating and dry introduction alongside spicy cinnamon and clove-like layers folded into a classic woody core. Warm, enveloping, with the deep and almost animal touch of labdanum, a resinous scent extracted from rockrose, it is a heady, cooler weather animal. The fragrance is inspired by the scent of edible white truffle, an aroma that is earthy but also fresh; this tension is recreated in the fragrance by Shyamala Maisondieu by juxtaposing the green resin and herbal top notes with the more austere and intriguing qualities of the less volatile ingredients.

credit: virginia hey shop

The story goes like this: " Founder Beatrice Aguilar knows that true luxury is found in nature’s perfection: on virgin land, in cascades of crystal water, in the reflection of light on a diamond and in the white truffle, an aroma that penetrates everything around it with an intense fragrance of flowers, woods, silence and mystery. To express these subtle sensations, Beatrice put her trust in the Parisian perfumer, Shyamala Maisondieu. She was to incorporate the white truffle (also known as white gold due to the high prices reached on the world market) for its exquisite fragrance."

The new niche collection "Scent on Canvas" so far includes five perfumes created by an eclectic mix of perfumers: Jórdi Fernandez (for Rose Opéra and Noir de Mars), Shyamala Maisondieu (Ocre Doré) , Alexandra Kosinski (Brun Sicilien) and the founder, Beatrice Aguilar herself (Blanc de Paris). The collection spans five fragrance genres with nuanced olfactory work within them: the starchy, woody musk, a predetermined crowd-pleaser (Blanc de Paris); the dark musty-mossy with guts (Noir de Mars); the mysterious, coppery woody (Ocre Doré); the rosy floral with mysterious, spicy-suede tonalities (Rose Opéra) and the complex hesperidic-leathery (Brun Sicilien). Each fragrance is accompanied by a painting by a well-known painter who is inspired by the aromatics in the composition, then the painting is turned into an engraving which is used for the packaging of the fragrance: the inside of the box holds the engraving ready to be framed and hung on your walls.

Notes for Ocre Dore by Scent on Canvas:
Top: Iranian galbanum, dried tea leaves, mate
Heart: white truffle, oakmossm, undergrowth
Base: guaiacwood, Paraguay wood, Virginian cedar, Indonesian patchouli, labdanum gum

The perfumes are priced at 130 Euros for 100 ml of perfume/eau de parfum (only Blanc de Paris is an Eau de Parfum by design, the rest are extrait de parfum). A great value sample pack of all 5 scents is offered for only 10 euros online at the official e-shop. More information:


  1. Just ordered the samples. Thanks so much for providing information like this so we can sample for very reasonable $$$ before investing. All in Spanish, but easy to translate with just a little knowledge(like I have)of the language. Also PayPal friendly!

  2. Anonymous22:38

    Dearest Shrine
    This does actually sound like an interesting collection - I do prefer them when they're diverse, not just variations on a theme.
    The sample back also seems a snip, so I may be a click or two away from a try out!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  3. Oh my can't wait to get samples of this. I love collecting perfumes. I'll def check on this one for it is really interesting.

  4. J,

    glad you found it easy.

    Just wanted to add that there is an English and French option as far as I recall on the site; you just hit on the proper flags ;-)

  5. PD,

    hi there! :-)

    They're quite interesting and I think you'd find at least a couple to catch your fancy. Do give the sample pack a try (or include some samples on your next LS order or pick them up on Ebay, whatever works). And then I want to hear all about it! :-)

  6. Alice,

    glad to be of inspiration for more perfume sampling! :-)


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