Monday, August 5, 2013

Lily Bermuda Calypso: new fragrance

A niche perfumery in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? And yet, it moves. Calypso, the latest unisex fragrance by Lily Bermuda perfumery, located in the Bermudas, captures the summer energy of Bermuda’s Emancipation Celebrations and the lively rhythms of the Island’s music and lifestyle. Calypso is a fresh blend of sparkling neroli and bergamot. Its heart reveals fruity notes of Bermuda loquats and aromatic notes of the south shore seagrass. Calypso ends with soft and aquatic notes of white musk, which will linger on your skin and create lasting memories.

Family: Citrus Aromatic
Perfumer: Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone

Calypso is fresh, dynamic and youthful – a fruity fusion of Bermuda scents, part of our unisex ‘Water Collection’ alongside South Water and Fresh Water,” said perfumer Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone who crafted the fragrance in St. George’s at The Bermuda Perfumery. “People who are open-minded, easy-going and passionate about a life of freedom and expression will cherish Calypso. With intrinsically Bermudian scents of loquats, seagrass and neroli, this fragrance is universal, well-suited for spring and summer celebrations like sunset cruises or an open air concert by the ocean.” This is the first fragrance launch since the Lili Bermuda line skyrocketed to international acclaim with segments on The View, The Bachelorette and CBS This Morning. In 2012, CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg brought worldwide attention to Lili Bermuda when he named The Bermuda Perfumery the best place in the world to buy perfume in his book The Best Places for Everything.

Notes for Calypso by Lily Bermuda:
Top notes: Mandarin, Fresh French Basil, Sicilian Bergamot zest, Petitgrain, Citron
Heart Notes: Bermuda Loquat, Neroli, Seagrass, Geranium
Base notes: White Musk, Bermuda Cedar, Marine notes

Online orders at are filled at The Bermuda Perfumery with a hand tied ribbon and shipped from the St. George’s Post Office.

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  1. Mmmmm, I love citrus scents!

  2. I honeymooned in Bermuda 29 years ago. Boy, I sound old saying that! Anyway, it's a lovely place to vacation and I would love to go back. I remember visiting a perfumery there, too. Maybe I should order their sampler set for an anniversary present to myself!

  3. Dearest Shrine
    So, the loquat is a medlar fruit or something similar, a rather sharp sort of plum?
    Is that how the scent translates, for if so it sounds as thought it might be rather lovely.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  4. Gil,

    the LB line is quite fetching on the whole, so I have hopes for this one too!

  5. Dana,

    how nice for you!

    And that would be a nice rejogging of your memory!! Go for it, girl!

  6. TPD,

    I find loquat looks like a small, rather orange-hued plum with a fuzzier skin. It tastes somewhere between sweet and juicy and slightly medicinal, though not pungent. It's a nice note to have around!

    I expect that the mingling of the sweeter side with the tarter scents and the marine "note" should provide a nicely unisex scent; not the usual "aromatic" marine we find in drones in the masculine aisles... ;-)


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