Friday, August 2, 2013

Le Labo Exclusive Fragrances Available Widely for a Limited Amount of Time

The 3rd edition of the Le Labo City Exclusive event will start September 1st. If you have even passingly heard about Le Labo you know they're quirky: they dilute, decant and personally label the fragrances for you on the spot in their boutiques and they have a range of "city-exclusives" that are available ONLY in the selected cities (and come $$$ too!). Annoying, I know! (Especially since I love at least two of them). But for a limited time from September 2013 they're offering those city exclusives to all of us aficionados, to give us a chance of owning them at last.

The City Exclusive scents have been created as a tribute to the cities Le Labo has shops in. These scents are usually only available in the boutique of the city it belongs to: no phone order, no online order, no shipping, no exceptions!

For 6 weeks and 6 weeks only, the 8 city-apointed Le Labo perfumes will be sold in exclusivity in all of the Le Labo boutiques, online ( and in a limited selection of corners across the globe (Barneys stores). To get ready for the big day the samples of the City Exclusive perfumes will be available starting tomorrow!


  1. Good news. I'm curious to smell cuir. And I'll make sure I'll resmell your favorite Gaiac.


  2. Where can said samples be found tomorrow?

  3. M,

    indeed! I may succumb to Gaiac myself ;-)

  4. JW,

    I believe online at the Le Labo e-boutique and at Luckyscent.

    PS. I hope you get your new bottles soon and I am looking forward to your impressions!!

  5. Wow, great news!

    (And damn, I had promise myself I would just get a couple of fragrances this time and not start collecting again....)

  6. I JUST (I mean just before I read your article today) placed an order with Luckyscent for bunches of samples per your recommendations. Guess I'll place another tomorrow! I'm *J* now though...J.W. too boring.

  7. OK...I'm very late & nobody cares anyway, but I'm SO EXCITED! Just ordered four Le Labo City Samples from Luckyscent. Thanks again for everything.

  8. I have no yet encountered a Le Labo fragrance that makes me desperate to own. Maybe not enough exposure but I also find that they take themselves way too seriously, which sort of cancels out the quirkiness.


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