Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Odors decide whether I should stay or leave"


  1. Anonymous19:07

    I don't know what is being said but it made me not feel good.

  2. B,

    you mean you found the scene creepy? I find it a rather touching one, even with the sound off. (The expressions on the actors' faces are what makes it, IMO) But oh well, I guess one might disagree, of course! :-)

    To summarize dialogue, if interested: He notes how she uses a potent smelling apple-scented shampoo, she questions whether that's a bad thing and he says no odor is strange or bad, but it is odors which are the determining factor whether he should stay or leave. He then asks her to sing to make him feel less unhappy, which obviously she does, and finishes by pleading with her to spend the night together; to which she hesitates as "they can't do it at her place".
    Hope this is clearer now.

  3. Anonymous20:48

    It's clear now, without the words I felt like I was in a cat & mouse game! but most of my married life was that way divorced now!!!

  4. Oh, sorry about that (not the divorce, the being creeped out by cat & mouse games stuff during the duration). I guess experiences shape our perception, don't they.

    This is different. He's rather tortured, she's sincere and pure; it's quite romantic really!

  5. Ariadne14:41

    I think he might be happier if he washed his hair and quit smoking.

  6. A,

    oh I believe it's gel to keep it from falling in his eyes (the character is supposed to be working in a cosmetics company). The chain smoking is indeed something else. But in European cinema you often see this (heck, I even see this in real life).

  7. Forgot to say both their hair is wet from the rain.


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