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Estee Lauder Honeysuckle Splash: fragrance review & history

Estée Lauder Honeysuckle Splash is another forgotten launch in the Lauder stable, much like Celadon and Pavillon, this time conceived by Aerin Lauder (the grand-daughter of Estée) and launched in 2000 with a mock vintage look. Although totally modern in literal terms, the bottle is a retro pastel pistachio green, as if reborn from the Technicolor 1950s, exactly similar to the one designed for Youth Dew, Aerin's grandmother's classic, designed 46 years previously. The name alone is full of promise: how wonderful would it be to be able to splash on one's self that delectable but elusive essence that fresh honeysuckle vines exude when you walk by on a warm, late spring evening?
The fragrance contrary to that dreamy picture was merely posing as an ancillary product to the main attraction, that season's makeup collection, code-named "Playful".  Oh marketing of feeble faith!

The delightful blend of Honeysuckle Splash is deeply floral with the nectarous quality that honeysuckle is famed for (to the point that children in Europe sometimes suckle on the flowers) and a more lasting impression than other lovely honeysuckle fragrances in the market, such as Annick Goutal's Chevrefeuille and L'Erbolario's Caprifoglio. In Lauder's take, Honeysuckle Splash, the pink and white flower with the honeyed petals is allied to the dependable note of orange blossom for extending the white flower note and further accented with citrusy notes of mandarin, the smooth elegance of neroli and the romanticism of white rose. The slight suntan oil impression lurking in the back hints at the presence of ylang ylang and maybe a smidgeon of sweet vanilla. The irresistible elevation of the fragrance into the truly worthwhile however is accounted to the richness of the orange blossom note and the neroli essence, with what seems like a spattering of linden as well, which opens the bouquet and makes Honeysuckle Splash poised between clean and subtly intimate, with a realistic nuance of lush, waxy, honeyed petals; a very flattering reference to a woman who wants to be flirted by a man like a flower by a probing bumble-bee. Typically for a Lauder it had potent sillage and great lasting power.

Even though many young women are hesitant to give in to floral fragrances in the idea that it makes them look either more mature than they want or somewhat old-fashioned, Honeysuckle Splash has enough contemporary sensibility to not alienate its natural demographic. It's a mystery why Honeysuckle Splash was discontinued shortly after its release; unless it was a limited edition to begin with, though I don't recall this being mentioned at the time. Like one woman put it: "I haven't heard of any plans to bring this product back but if they ever do I will be first in line to stock up". It was around a period where another series of fragrances was issued (this time a definite limited edition thing), called Pleasures in the Garden. But for that another post, another day.


  1. annemariec00:49

    Oh dear, I knew I should not read this post. Now I want Honeysuckle Splash real bad. I used to suckle honeysuckle flowers as a kid. I've shown my daughter how to do it too. They have a big hedge of it at her school.

  2. Love a honeysuckle perfume!! I remember many years ago in the 60's Avon did a wonderful honeysuckle and the lilac was fabulous too. In soap, bubblebath and powder - bring them back too!
    If Lauder brings this back - I am buying a bottle and I hope someone from Avon is reading this too !

  3. Anonymous08:33

    As Annemariec said, of course I now really want this! And as LadyJ said, I will definitely be buying it if it should ever return.

    In the meantime, I suppose AG's Chevrefeuille will have to do, although I also love L'Artisan's La Haie - which, naturally, has been discontinued (but I bought a backup bottle!).


  4. Lauren17:01

    Oh, this sounds so nice. Just right for spring/early summer. I wish Estee Lauder gave her treasures a little more time to get established before discontinuing them.

  5. AMC,

    ah, lemming, lemming, impossible lemming. Trust me, I know. I have a favorite long lost Lauder and I can't find it, I'm hoarding the few drops I have still (but for how long?)
    If you do stumble upon this some time, don't forget to grab some.

    And love teaching kids to do things like that!

  6. M,

    ah...lilac, another elusive thing. *sigh*
    I don't know the Avon frags you're talking about, but I trust your judgment, should have my eyes peeled. ;-)

  7. Jillie,

    I like Goutal's version, it's just fleeting (and so is L'Erbolario's comparatively to the Lauder).
    La Haie was such a rich jasmine and summer florals firework, I wonder what possessed them to discontinue it. Probably a desire to break off with past tradition.

  8. L,

    indeed....I also hate it when they make limited editions and they bring on some of their best versions for them and then go back to the mainstays which are somehow less. If only they'd re-issue?

  9. Lauren01:36

    Yes, they should reissue all the treasures in a coffret of 1 ounce splashes. The ideal Mother's Day, birthday, or Valentine's Day gift.

  10. L,

    that's a wonderful idea, I do hope they get on it!!
    Oh the possibilities... :-)

  11. Anonymous16:21

    I remember the Avon Honeysuckle and the Hawaiian White Ginger very well. Gorgeous fragrances I almost bathed in. I have not been able to find anything as fresh smelling until 2000, when this gorgeous green bottle attracted me. Oh my delight to find it was a honeysuckle perfume. The smell was heavenly and I bought two bottles immediately. From elation to utter despair to find later that they stopped making it. If they bring Honeysuckle Splash back, I will buy out the shop. Please bring it back!!

  12. Anonymous16:21

    I have been looking for Honeysuckle Splash for years!!! I love, love, love it!!! Please bring it back. I will buy several bottles so I won't run out of it again!


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