Sunday, February 10, 2013

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Flora Rosa: new fragrance

Guerlain has thankfully taken a renewed interest in their Aqua Allegoria line of fragrances in recent years, not only with beyond decent releases (such as Lys Soleia and Jasminora) but also with an annual duo production; one of a mainstream launch in department stores and another in the travel retail exclusives circuit (i.e. the duty-free). This year the mainstream AA, as we have already announced, is Nerolia Bianca. But which fragrance will you be grabbing at the duty-free next time you board a plane?
The travel exclusive for 2013 is Flora Rosa by Guerlain and is a limited edition (just like Bouquet No.2 etc were before it). A fresh and lively interpretation on the rose blossom, Jean Paul Guerlain's favorite flower, it is boosted by other floral anchoring notes to give it duration and depth, Flora Rosa aims to fill the void left by the previous, discontinued Aqua Allegorias Rosa Magnifica and Rosa Bianca from 2011

The new Guerlain Flora Rosa will be available from 1st March 2013 in eau de toilette 75ml at the duty-free internationally, retailing for 47.50€.


  1. Prince Barry10:38

    It makes one wonder what perfumers can do with rose that hasn't been done before. I am sure it will be beautiful, but is it going to be new?

  2. B,

    I'm not betting on new and could compromise for beautiful at this point ;-)
    (pretty is welcome too, since it's an AA for thoughtless abandon and carefree days!)

  3. I miss the old Rosa Magnifica - a lovely light fragrance for summer, so yes, will be looking for this one... Rather wish Guerlain would re-release their Metallica as well. That was seriously fun!

  4. Erika,

    thanks for chiming in!
    I recall their Rosa Magnifica being good, in the Guerlain spirit, though much lighter than -say-Nahema and thus indeed great for warmer weather and more casual occasions.
    Metallica was re-release under another name for a very brief window (need to check my archives), but now that spicy stuff is verboten under the new regulations in perfumery ingredients I don't see it being issued ever again... :-/

  5. Prince Barry17:54

    Was it Metalys?

  6. Yes, it was Metalys, but it had been tweaked (disapproving frown).

    Having just read the Dozen Roses post, I am very tempted to try the Serge Lutens Rose de Nuit.

    And to own up to a small bottle of R. damascena essential oil, which I ALWAYS include in my face cream. And I also use rose water on my face and hair!


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