Friday, February 8, 2013

L'Artisan Parfumeur Re-issues Two Oldies for Spring

L’Artisan Parfumeur’s spring limited edition releases are a much-anticipated event among perfume aficionados.
This year, there will be two fragrances re-released from the brand archives, both much-loved and much-requested: Ananas Fizz and Côte d’Amour.

Ananas Fizz – Eau de Toilette 
Ananas Fizz is a celebration of summer and of the Victoria pineapple, typical of the French Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean. A mouth- watering cocktail of citrus and sunny fruits, topped with the unexpected and radiant presence of the pineapple blends into a deliciously fresh fragrance. Ananas Fizz takes you into a swirl of litchi, frangipani tree; vanilla and of course pineapple notes, and is to be used without moderation!

 Côte d’Amour – Eau de Toilette 
Like a voluptuous, caressing marine breeze, the inspiration of this iconic fragrance of L’Artisan Parfumeur is a stroll along the coast in Loire- Atlantique, in the West of France. The soft caress of the sea air and the sand, the wonderful scents of the seashore, expressed by wild notes of the everlasting dune flower, cypress, pine trees as well as this iconic marine and salty notes, give this fragrance a personality like no other.

100ml Eau de Toilette for £55
Οut in March 2013 ιn L’Artisan Parfumeur boutiques, concessions and website.

news via press release


  1. Prince Barry18:14

    Interesting. Wish they would re-release the original version of Eau du Navigateur. I loved that one.

  2. PB,

    ah, if we start with wishes....I have many!! (Remember the *first* 1980s Jour de Fete with its lively tuberose and white flowers heart? Or Jacinthe et Bois and Oeillet Sauvage from the "Je t'ai cueilli une fleur" collection? I also loved the Mood Swings coffret, kicking myself for not buying one when I had the chance...)

  3. Prince Barry10:31

    My dear E, perfume loving is a life of regrets and wishes.


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