Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pacifica Island Vanilla Solid & New Fragrance Sampling Programme

Pacifica, a range of well-priced, good quality scents that circulate in the US (and have been fortunate to been able to try in some of their scents in the past and see their delightful packaging) are introducing a new sampling program that is worth your attention. Their top 17 scents are now available as mini .1oz solid samples for just 2$ each, so you can pick your favorite without just relying on a written description. Plus there's a free sample for every order over 25$ and two free samples for every order over 50$.

Meanwhile, Pacifica is introducing a new solid perfume in those adorable little tins that you can slip into your purse or airbag when flying on a carrier with instructions on liquids: it's Island Vanilla, one of their best-selling fragrances combining vanilla absolute, jasmine and fruit with a touch of tea notes on top. Retailing at 9$ for the full size tin.

You can consult the official Pacifica page here.


  1. brie21:47

    Hooray! a post on one of my (and my daughters') favorite natural perfume line! I kid you now when I say I have owned full bottles of every current scent (including this one!). And the bottles unscrew so I keep them to make my own creations with Pereja and essential oils (nothing better than recycling these gorgeous bottles!). The tins can be recycled as well for lip balm, hand cream,etc. Pacifica also makes lovely roll-ons which are convenient and portable!

  2. brie21:49

    OOps meant to say "I kid you not" not "I kid you now"- seriously there are about thirty bottles floating around my house :)

  3. B,

    the packaging is indeed something to admire as it's both functional and pretty. And what I sampled is good quality despite the lower price point. I just wish they'd ship liquids internationally... :-(

  4. 30 Roses11:46

    The sample size tins are a great idea! Thanks for reporting this.

    Note that the samples are .1 oz. (not .01 oz.)
    The regular size perfume solids are .33 oz.

    I see the Pacifica site has a sale going on now, too.

  5. 30R,

    thanks for the correction!! Good eye!

  6. Anonymous16:52

    I need to ask a dumb question. How tiny would a sample tin of .1 oz of solid scent be compared to their normal size .33 oz? I cannot even imagine how much smaller it would actually be. Thanks. Dora

  7. Dora,

    Not dumb at all!!
    I suppose it's very small, but enough to give an idea. The normal tins are quite enough to last through several weeks; that I know.
    (I think the samples should be a little less than Roxana Villa's comparable solids in the little plastic "pots" if you're familiar with those).


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