Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ineke Sweet William: new fragrance & giveaway opportunity

A mutual passion for scent, botanicals and art brought Anthropologie and Ineke together to create the Floral Curiosities limited edition line of fragrances in 2011. Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus) is a clove-scented flower in the family of carnation that is bi- colored in white/pink/red tones.

Kate Middleton included it in her bridal bouquet, presumably for both the lovely scent and the name, and that was it: a trend was born. Ineke Ruhland has created a Sweet William soliflore fragrance that is anchored with rich wood notes and opening with a juicy peach note. Cinnamon, clove and cumin essential oils provide spice. The dominant wood notes are a blend of cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouli, sweetened with Bourbon vanilla. Sweet William is now available at all Anthropologie stores and anthropologie.com Also, Ineke parfums is doing a giveaway of the new perfume at the following link, if you want to participate: http://promoshq.wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/291550


  1. MariaA08:49

    I love INEKE, Gilded Lily is one of my favorites!! Too bad the contest is only open in the US as well as this line! Would love to have a sniff !!

  2. I like her scents a lot - and I love this packaging!!!


  3. Magpie19:58

    I just tried this one! Peach and carnation infuse the whole scent top to bottom, but it also has a phase that makes me think of violets. The heart has quite a bit of clove and cedar, but further into the drydown it has a fair bit of creamy vanilla and a clean skin musk vibe to it as well.

    No skanky cumin to be found - this is typical Ineke: natural and pretty.

  4. Never heard of this line but it sure sounds lovely !

  5. Miss Heliotrope01:22

    Anthropologie & Perfume Shrine - o dear me. & the scent sounds great.

    They dont send liquid perfumes overseas - I tried for the rose one in the pretty green bottle a few months ago. Had to get the solid perfume, which is still lovely, but I wanted the bottle...

  6. M,

    yeah, it's a pity but thee you have it. I know that there are independent sellers though or swappers which might be of use!

  7. M,

    she's among the talented ones and her line is consistent, even if I can wear only half of it myself (but I do like what I like a lot).
    I wish her all the success she deserves!

  8. Magpie,

    that's great to hear! Thanks for sharing your impressions of the actual scent, that's awesome of you.

  9. M,

    it's one of these indie US lines that are alas unavailable to where you (and also I) are :-( But I know that decanters have samples available and who knows, some bottle might turn up on Ebay or someplace. MUA is also a good source for bottles/decants/samples.
    She has a pretty, clear, feminine style about her scents. I think you'd like a few (the lilac and the tobacco one are great!)

  10. C,


    Yeah, it's a drag, I know. Like I said before, when one wants there's a way. I believe the liquid is a restriction imposed by the airlines, not the perfumer herself, especially as she's allowed to send solid perfume.
    Who knows, an Aussie seller with independently routed air-mailing might be of help to you. ;-)

  11. Anonymous11:06

    The give-away entry through the official pageof INEKE on Facebook for Sweet William is applied living in US and Canada!I tried entering and it rejected me from EU.

  12. Andrea21:34

    I tried from the US and had to enter through Facebook. When I tried to install "Promotions" app they needed, it kept saying "page not found"... Did anyone else have trouble trying to participate in the contest, or does someone know what I can do to proceed? Thanks! I'd live to try this, sounds interesting!

  13. brie10:56

    As I told you before I love this indie line (Evening Edged in Gold is probably my favorite). Thanks for the info. on the giveaway...I just entered!


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