Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ann Gerard Parfum Cuir de Nacre, Perle de Mousse, Ciel d'Opale: new fragrances

A jewelry designer with an interest in fragrance, Ann Gerard is channeled her creativeness into marrying the two, enlisting the help of master ( and very prolific!) perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour into her new fragrance line, exclusive available at Luckyscent.
The fragrances nicely reflect upon materials which make every woman dream a little, smooth and onctuous like mother of pearl or shiny and multi-faceted like opals...

According to the blurb:

“Jewelry, in its ultimate expression, 
turns into Perfume” 
A partner of every moment, the mirror of our emotions, a secret adornment. The first three fragrances of the collection were composed by the great perfumer and friend Bertrand Duchaufour.
Sculpting his materials to display their facets, radiance and transparency, he has fashioned fragrances that translate Ann Gerard’s vision. Uncompromising compositions in the noblest materials: An innovative, timeless debut collection.
Cuir de Nacre - An elegant intrepretation on leather: Notes of Iris, Sandalwood and Styrax magically transform into the most melting calfskin.
Perle de Mousse - In a masterful reinvention of the green floral chypre, Bertrand Duchaufour stretches out the muguet theme until it becomes a full orchestra.
Ciel d’Opale - Is there anything more intoxicating than basking in the heady, honeyed scent of a linden tree?

A discovery collection of 3X9ml goes for 65$.


  1. I had to try the Discovery Set, though I almost never buy blind. Still, it's a good deal for 3 minis. I love iris perfumes, and I wanted to try Pleine Lune (Cuir de Nacre) when it debuted a couple years ago, but it had no distribution. Glad to see that has changed. Have you tried them yet??

  2. How much stuff does Duchafour do? But I guess he has the right to cash in on his previous great stuff.

    Diorissimo meets Cristalle (and both die in the crash)? I have already expressed my love for linden, which not even Andy Tauer could save from its housecleaning destiny. But, as usual, one should smell first.


  3. brie23:01

    I like Cacio's clever comment of "diorissimo meets cristalle" I wore both vintage fragrances in my teens many years ago and if this is indeed what Perle de Mousse smells like I believe I would love it! Yet "melting calfskin" and "honeyed linden" sound equally as appealing :) Maybe the discovery kit would be the way to go!

  4. Miss Heliotrope02:22

    Sample/discover packs are such a good idea.

    The write ups are always amusing though - I know it is tricky to do anything without sounding funny (although your descriptions are always helpful) but the advertising language can be extreme - melting calfskin, in real life, would be horrifying.

  5. I think linden is coming in fashion lately. I'm glad because it is one of my favorite floral notes but I have never come across a realistic rendition in perfumery. One can only hope

  6. M,

    not yet, but hope to!
    They sound good and the set is nifrty!

  7. M,

    Bertrand has been more prolific than I am comfortable with to be honest. There, I said it. He must be carrying bits & pieces from formula to formula.

    I liked Tauer's linden. It does have a difficult side to working with it, the raw material I mean.

  8. B,

    yeah, Cacio has a turn of phrase that is clever indeed!

    I think they show potential. Let's see.

  9. C,

    the write-ups can be so over the top as to render everything non sensical.
    It's not easy, writing good copy. ;-)

  10. K,

    accurate observation! It does seem that linden crops up a lot, but the synths and approximations leave something to be desired compared to the living tree.
    Maybe later on...

  11. This Perles de Mousse is incredible! (I just received samples yesterday). In fact all three are extremely good.

  12. The Perles de Mousse is on my arm right now, and it's incredible. Wonderfully green, exquisitely floral. Actually, all three of these are impressive.

  13. J,

    how lovely to see you!

    That sounds promising :-) Thanks for the feedback, will try to seek them out (hopefully it won't mean jumping through hoops for samples via US)

  14. Steve21:57

    Cuir de Nacre is beautiful. A very sensuous leather.

  15. Wow. The Cuir de Nacre is possibly the best leather I've ever worn, and I'm counting Reve en Cuir here. It's very close to the skin, but truly the closest to the smell of a new Jaguar's Connolly hides.


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