Thursday, July 26, 2012

By Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad, Forbidden Games, In the City of Sin: new fragrances

After the Eastern-inspired Asian Tales fragrances released very recently by Kilian, a new triad with naughty-evocative names is the next project of the Hennessy heir, stepping into the Garden of Good and Evil.
As you can read below there is a bit of seducer/sinner hyperbole in the ad copy, which might -just might- create expectations beyond the realistic or adversely open up the gates of ridicule among the snarkier perfume aficionados...but that remains to be seen. (They also have a Prohibited in Colors clutch bags collection right now exclusively at Harvey Nichols Pacific Place Level 1 Kilian counter)

What do you think of the following descriptors? Tickling or Ticking? The notes sound very tempting at any rate!

 "Good Girl Gone Bad is a composition of fruits and flowers, a perfume as bewitching as bursts of laughter, a barrier moved beyond, a forgotten prohibition. The fragrance opens on the fresh sweetness of a floral nectar. The ephemeral innocence of the petals of Jasmine Sambac connects with the tender, apricot-kissed tonalities of Osmanthus. The resulting voluptuousness is barely suggested but insidiously addictive, completed by the honeyed facets of the Rose of May. The heart gives way to the troubling and fascinating character of Indian Tuberose. Its round milky notes give off a floral opulence, saturated by toxic Narcissus. This combination brings an unexpected green tension, a unique narcotic depth. A sillage of Amber Vegetal passionately envelops all this floral beauty in a warm and sensual veil, irresistibly feminine. Over it all, the White Cedar confers a dense and powerful woodsiness, like a final vibration.

 Forbidden Games embraces the temptation that leads to wild abandon. The dark addictive nectar of fruits mesmerizes, teasing and seducing the senses. Forbidden Games opens on a potpourri of fruits—Apple, Peach, Plum— spiced by Cinnamon bark of Laos. Then the perfume advances into a lush, exuberant floral heart—Bulgarian Rose Orpur, Geranium Bourbon, and Midnight Jasmine— before disappearing slowly into a sweet confection of Madagascar Vanilla, Laotian Honey, and the spellbinding resinous oil of Opopanax.

  In the City of Sin is a place of extreme temptation where every street corner offers the possibility of impromptu encounters and seductions. In the City of Sin embodies the temptation that leads to carnal desire. This fragrance is a rich composition of Fruits and Spices, Flowers and Woods, in which the essence of fruits liquefies and melts onto the heady woods. As an opening, we meet an explosion of Bergamot of Calabria, Pink Peppercorns and Cardamom from Guatemala. The perfume then evolves into a heart of Apricots and caramelized Plums held in check by the Turkish Rose Absolute. A light haze of Indonesian Incense entrances and then lends a profound depth, further sustained by Atlas and Virginia Cedar woods and rich Indonesian Patchouli."

Let me hereby reveal other names for By Kilian fragrances soon to be implementing the line: Dangerously in Love, Light my Fire, and Kisses don't Lie [ed.n: oh yes, they do!]

descriptions via press release


  1. brie17:52

    These sound interesting...especially the names and notes! Given my newly acquired love affair with Osmanthus e.o.(which reminds me of tea when I blend it with bergamot and vanilla bourbon e.o.) I think I would enjoy being a good girl gone bad :)

  2. Each fragrance tells a tale, I love all the names and the concept of Kilian. After purchasing one, I know I want more.

  3. The names and notes for the first three sound good, I like the tongue-in-cheek-names (I hope they are that anyway), even if I'm uncertain, like you point out, that they will be able to quite live up to the very teling names. But is he really serious about using three popsong titles for the following three releases? (Beyonce, Door and Rihanna) That sounds more to me like fruity-florals-celebrity-teenage market, than exclusive (expensive) fragrances.

  4. Oh dear me, supposed to say '(I hope that they are *meant* that way) and of course 'the doors'- sorry :-)

  5. As a lover of fruit notes when handled by smart perfumers, these sound highly intriguing to me! Will these be done by Calice Becker? If so, God help me.

  6. Miss Heliotrope01:51

    They seem to be suffering from an excess of capitalization.

    The scents sound like they would be interesting, and I also hope the names are tongue in cheek, bc the sort of mindset that would mean them seriously worries me...

  7. Anonymous01:54

    these DO sound promising! look forward to seeing if they live up to their bewitching and addictive descriptions!

    p.s. and you are right - kisses do lie! ha!


  8. Anonymous10:27

    Пост навел на размышления ушел много думать …

  9. Brie,

    yup, who knows till actual sniffing is done. :-)

  10. Rola,

    deep pockets, deep pockets, that's my mantra.


  11. Asali,

    the names out of songs are a first: I wonder whether the copyrights were expensive to get (bet the Doors one was!). It's interesting though, even if a bit over the top. Let's see, some of the Kilians are great!

  12. Elisa,

    will update when I know for sure (don't want to raise hopes just yet).
    Fruity can be a good thing in the hands of a skilled perfumer (who can forget Roudnitska's infamous "fruity" notes?)

  13. C,

    the mindset I guess is typical "seductive fare" which incidentally all surveys still point out is the #1 reason for women buying perfume (duh...and snore....)

    But the names inspired by songs could be interesting if the juices live up to them!

  14. J,

    yeah :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  15. These notes sounded interesting and I look forward to test In the City of Sin.
    I'm a fan of some well-timed incense and patchouli.

    All the best!


  16. Thanks Silvi!

    incense and patchouli can be good together, true! :-)


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