Thursday, March 1, 2012

The winner of the draw...

...for the Lutens fragrance is benicio89 @ Congratulations and I will need your shipping info so I can have this in the mail soon. Thanks everyone for the enthusiastic participation and till the next one! (soon)


  1. hi, how do i find out when these draws are taking place? i can only see the winner of the draw, never the draw itself. thanks. regards, danny

  2. Hi Danny!

    Thanks for asking, good question. The draws take place usually when I am reviewing some new scent and I have some to spare for readers. I try to include it in the title. The draw announcement is usually at the bottom of the review with highlighted typeface.
    Unless it's a giveaway promoted by some company, in which case there is no review, just a stand alone post with the title Giveaway.

    Hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by and reading. :-)


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