Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dark Passage: A New Fragrance Inspired by Film Noir

Andy Tauer and Brian Pera have announced another film-inspired fragrance, as part of their kickstarter campaign for the next film in the "Woman's Picture" series, Only Child. I remind you that their collaboration has brought such delightful fruits before such as the great aldehydic floral Miriam from their Tableau de Parfums brand. The new fragrance, Dark Passage, is the first in a new series in the Tableau de Parfums/Woman's Picture project: Snapshots.

The Snapshots fragrances will be packaged in 7 ml enamel atomizers and available as limited editions. Designed to be smaller in scale, this format offers Tauer and Pera the opportunity to experiment with new ideas. Miriam (and Loretta, which will launch later this year) are viewed "as portraits which capture the breadth of a life lived in full. The snapshot fragrances are handheld, and preserve fleeting moments in time."

Dark Passage is inspired by the Film Noir aesthetic, and is composed of bold contrasts that echo the shadowy black-and-white cinematography of these films. Tauer chose a patchouli that is earthy but refined, and which is further moved in interesting directions by the juxtaposition of birch tar and cacao.
The list of notes for Dark Passage includes: patchouli, cocoa, birch tar, vetiver, tobacco, and beeswax, but of course there's more in there that's hush hush like in the best film noirs!
The film, featuring Grace Zabriskie and Amy La Vere has a teaser uploaded on this link.

Designed as a unisex scent—"both femme fatale and private eye"—the fragrance "[evokes] the open road and the small town diner, steaming cups of coffee on a formica countertop, bright sun coming in parallel lines through window blinds, crisscrossing a dim room with their highly-keyed stripes."

The fragrance is available as a limited edition scent and only for the next few weeks, as part of the Kickstarter campaign for Only Child, the next film in the "Woman's Picture" series and a continued exploration of perfume as a central theme. Please visit the evelynavenue.com site for further details of the film. The Dark Passage fragrance is offered in limited quantities in return for a pledge on the pair's Kickstarter page.

In addition to the fragrance, Andy Tauer is also offering one of his handmade soaps (you know how good those are, don't you?) in return for a Kickstarter pledge. The scent of the soap, according to Tauer is floral-fruity with hints of his popular ambergris background: "The notes that I worked with are rose, a clean and almost citrusy geranium, Orange blossom, Tuberose, a hint of ripe fruits (plum), and a clean line of powdery and velvet like fruity ambergris."

Expect a review soon!

info via Andy Tauer

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