Monday, January 16, 2012

Liv Tyler is one of us (Perfumista, that is!): Perfume Choices of the Famous

Liv Tyler has been careful to observe the contract she has with Givenchy re: their Very Irresistible advertising campaign, but she lets slip here and there some hints that maybe she's into more options than she lets on.

We had mentioned in the past how beautiful Liv likes to wear a fragrance to make herself identifiable with, but now it turns out she has had a collection since her teenager years. Her newest comments also hint at her ...disloyalty to her "assigned fragrance", if you read between the lines that is.

According to Movie NTDT the 34-year old actress, famous for her "Lord of the Rings" Arwen portrayal, still keeps the fragrance bottles she liked as a teenager and can't bring herself to throw any of them because of the memories of those times they trigger for her. "I have a collection of fragrances I've had since I was a teenager -I don't wear them, I just smell them for the memories. I wear Very irresistible -it's delicious- but I think it smells better on my grandmother. Every time I see her I say "You smell so good" and she says "Very Irresistible".


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  1. I am just guessing what all perfume bottles she has!!

  2. we're all curious now, I bet!


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